Ailana digs in deep

Ailana sat in the coach as it trundled merrily though the countryside back towards Fraymont, Anya had offered to take Raeanne home which left her and Orrick to enjoy the journey alone. Gazing out the window she couldn’t help but smile, yesterday had been a very special day and while many noblewomen would have been disappointed with such a simple wedding Ailana was not one of them.

Yesterday had been about her, that may not be much for girls used to lavish attention but yesterday was the only time she could ever remember being the focus of attention.  Well perhaps that was not strictly true. The day she had woken up beside Thomas had also granted her a certain amount infamy but that wasn’t the same at all.

Yesterday for the longest time she had felt important, worthy of acknowledgement and now she could not help but smile. Biting her lip she couldn’t help but wonder if she would ever get another of those days, glancing sideway Orrick seemed distracted by the view or at least he was as deep in thought as her.

Perhaps there would be another when she had his baby, she decided. Women giving birth where always fussed over or better yet perhaps the day she announced a pregnancy, surely that would also grant her a measure of attention.

Blushing her mind flitted to the act of baby making and then quickly to the events of the pervious night. Her stomach lurched, she could scarcely believe what she had said to him, it had possibly been the single most embarrassing thing she could possibly have done.

Her cheeks deepening in colour she prayed he would not look towards her…

“Oh Ailana, you stupid fool” she muttered under her breath, how had she judged the situation so wrongly, of all the nights to confront a mans masculinity she had accidentally picked his wedding night.

When he had entered the bedchamber he looked quite green, she had always thought it the place of the woman to be nervous on such a night and she had only meant her words to offer comfort.

As his third wife, it had never entered her head that his apprehension might have been anything other what she had mistaken it to be. “I won’t hurt you” They seemed innocent enough words now, she didnt even know why they had popped out.

Reliving the scene in her head he had paused, giving her a quizzical look. “Arn’t I supposed to be the one reassuring you?” he’d chuckled.

It had been one of those situations where you know you should close your mouth but in an effort to dig yourself out of a hole, you simply dig all the deeper.

“I just mean i’ll be gentle” she’d tried to explain.

“Why on earth do you think you need to be gentle?” he’d chuckled briefly before seeming to suddenly understand “Good lord! You think im passed it. Your scared of breaking the frail old man…. by Jove..  today is a sad day if my wife thinks me too old to fuck”

“Not too old….”  she’d tried to explain, spade in hand, “I just don’t want to hurt you, give you a heart attack or anything. A girl at school once said her mothers husband had died right in the middle.”

And there it had been. If she could have made the situation any worse she undoubtedly would have…. She cringed at the memory.

Perhaps it would have not been such a foolish thing to say had it been in the remotest bit true. The truth was when the old man had flung off his robe in defiance it had become very clearly apparent there was nothing frail about her husband. His body was well kept and muscular for its age, clearly a man who took care of himself. “Right you little minx!” he had exclaimed “I’ll show you, who’s to old”

Cheeks still deep in colour she slunk into her seat, he had indeed shown her. She had very little room for comparison, but it had been nothing like Thomas and nothing like what she had expected.

She couldn’t really make up her mind to wether or not she had liked it, she had felt more exposed than she had expected, even in the dim candlelight he had wanted to look at her, it was an unsettling feeling to have a man simply stare.

On the other hand it had been all about her, if anything else was going on his mind or in his life at that moment you would not have known it, it was a rare thing in life to have someones attention so completely that in that moment you owned them.

Suddenly her thoughts where returned to the present, “What are you thinking?” the old man asked.

A smile formed across her lips she tried to force it down, hide her embarrassment.  How did one reply to questions such as that, ‘I was thinking of love making…. or more to the point I was thinking of ‘fucking ‘ as you so crassly call it ?’ No surely not…no she could never utter those words….”I-was thinking it will soon be summer” she managed to croak.

“You little minx!” he chuckled “If you think I’ll believe that, you are gravely mistaken. I on the other hand was thinking of fucking, I thought perhaps I might take you upon your offer of going ‘gently’ with me by getting you to scoot over here and bounce on my cock, while I watch your tits bounce to the rhythm of the road”

Aliana’s widened.

Orrick chuckled, “I did warn you, I am a dirty old man”


2 responses to “Ailana digs in deep

  1. My god. He is a dirty old man! He must have been lonely since Nicole died. And bored!!

    I’m trying not to be too creeped out here, trying to tell myself that even if Ailana is only sixteen she’s perfectly legal for her time and place. (Actually looking up her age did help — for some reason I thought she was only fourteen. I must have been mixing up her age with Maegan’s.)

    And I have to say, if all Ailana wants is for a bit of attention, for a man to treat her like she’s a queen … somehow, I have a hard time seeing Orrick fail to deliver on that, once he figures out that that is what will make her happy. He’s always been a good husband to his wives.

    They might be an odd couple, but I really hope they’ll be a happy one.

  2. She was legal at 12 but that would still creep me out :P But yea there is something better about 16.

    As for Orrick I think he’s still in many ways running in shock mode, he lost the two most important people in his life last year. I think his present brashness about the whole affair is mostly an act to hide how un-certain the idea of remarrying has made him.

    He’s hiding behind alot of things right now, the logic of needing a new wife, the fact that he knows it will piss off Gabriel and of course the general niceness of Orrick. Ailana is abit of a charity case for him right now, this all has pretty much ment he hasn’t really had to ‘think’ about what he’s doing too deeply. I think his true feelings will come out more as we see Emily and Brenna struggle with the situation.

    Still Orricks mostly a good sort, he will un-doubtedly give Ailana a better life than the one she would have got with Gabriel.

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