Helena knows

Helena woke with a start, the air felt heavy and outside she could hear the rain that had barely let up all day. They hadn’t moved since the night before, she couldn’t risk taking Amanda out in weather like this.

Amanda, her thoughts suddenly darted to her middle child.  The instant she woke she knew something was wrong.
Call it a mothers instinct, reaching out she caught hold of the nine year olds dress. The little girl was cold, “No” she panicked, pulling the little girl toward her “No…. no manda not that, manda!”

“Mam, whats wrong?” Eadith asked groggily waking from her sleep.

Helena ignored her, she couldnt answer she could bare to say it, desperately she shook the child, she was only sleeping, that was all she was only sleeping.

“Mam whats wrong?” Edith sobbed sensing something was wrong.

“Wake Gayle” she manage to mumble.

“I can’t”

“What do you mean you can’t?”

“Shes not here, mam shes gone”

Looking up she could see moonlight flooding in though the barn door “Did she tell you she was going?” she demand though the fear in her stomach told her no. She knew exactly where her daughter had gone and why.

“No mam”

“Hide” she ordered sharply, hearing a noise outside.


“Just do it” she practically screamed as the barn door swung open and two armed men dressed in Gabriels uniform burst in, confirming her worst fear. Gayle had bought them here, her need to return a comfortable life over rideing her sense and reason.

“Mam what about Manda!”Edith wailed.

“We can’t help her now” she sobbed dropping her little girls head to the floor before running towards Eadith.
She didnt get very far before on of the men caught her by the arm, she span and kicked, scratching out she struggled against him until she heard her daughter a scream.

“Stop fighting unless you want me friend to gutt yer girl like a pig” he snarled.

Turning she could see the second man had grabbed Eadith, “I’ll go with you” she wailed.

“Thats a good girl” He smiled, dragging her towards the door. Once outside she could see a coach at the bottom of the hill.

“Where’s Gayle?” she demanded as the man dragged her towards it.

“Oh she’s waiting” he assured her.

“What shall I do with this one?” The second man asked.

“Lord Hamdun didnt mention that one, let er go”

Nodding the man released Eadith as they reached the coach. Seeing Gayle for the first time sitting inside looking some what sheepish. “What did you do?” she gasped, while Eadiths sobbs could still be heard.

“Mam i’m sorry” Gayle sobbed. “I didn’t think they would leave them”

“Oy! What do you say to having some fun, with that one?” the second one smiled. “I aint never been with a noblemans whore before.

“Best not, shes carrin his bastard and he’d be mighty pissed if anythin happened to it” the first replied, slapping her hard on the ass before pushing her into the coach “But he aint never said nothing about the young en, I bet shes tight” he chuckled.

“No!” she screamed, understanding what they meant to do. She tried desperately to put herself in front of Gayle as the man reached in to grab her.

“Where shall we take her?”

“Barn will do wont it?” the first called back finally catching hold of Gayle as she kicked and screamed.

“No no no” Helena begged as Gayle was pulled from the coach. She tried desperately to keep hold of her but the man was stronger.

“Now you listen ear” the man scowled, “Your gonna sit there and behave” He warned, “cause if your not there when we are done, im going to gut this little filly and spill her blood all over the floor do you understand”

“Mam!” Gayle wailed, as the man dragged her up the hill and back towards the barn”Mam dont let him hurt me”

“Oy.. Merv theres a dead girl in here? I aint doin it next to a dead girl”

“Drag her outside then you dolt” the first man cursed. “it aint like it matters if she gets wet”


5 responses to “Helena knows

  1. Oh my god!!! Gayle, that was the worst thing you could have done. Oh my god!!! Oh my god!!!

  2. Oh my god is right!! Gayle! What were you thinking?!?

    The other girls need to RUN, and run fast! Run to somebody who can help … not like there is anybody … damn! :( What’s going to happen to those poor kids? And Helena? And Gayle?

    *bites nails*

  3. Kids?! There is only Edith left, Amanda isn’t running anywhere

  4. Crap! *blushes* … I wasn’t sure how many girls Helena had … I just knew she had a lot of kids!

  5. She just had Eadith, Amanda and Gayle with her.

    The other 3 are all boys. Gaelen, Jasper and Leon. They are still in Brightden, no doubt getting into mischief without her.

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