Tarik is invited

“I have news” Tarik beamed heading into the drawing room where his family were eating. It had been a hard few months, he had steadily gaining strength but he was still not the man he once was.

He still tired easily, the smallest tasks drained him of his energy, but he had finally managed to start taking over the management of the kingdom in full. It was only really now he had the time to contemplate all he had done.

Guilt of what he had put his family though still weighed heavily on his mind, he had done terrible things and while his son often tried to reassure him it had been the fault of his tutor or the creature that had inhabited him. Tarik could not help but wonder how much of what he’d done had in truth been him and only him.
“what’s that?” Jasmine smiled.

“Asha is getting married” he grinned, “Farid has just sent word, we are all invited”

“That’s wonderful” Quillen agreed, “When is it?”

“A week, just enough time for my beautiful ladies to get themselves pretty dresses”

“Will Duncan be there?”Quillen asked.

“I’m not sure” Tarik replied, “Farid didn’t say”

“He’s supposed to be here by now” Quillen replied, “Do you think something has happened?”

“I don’t know that either” Tarik smiled,”I’m sure things are fine, if there was a real problem Lar’s would have sent for help, but I tell you what we shall call into the cabin on our way, I imagine Duncan and Alice will have been invited, perhaps we can offer a lift. ”

“Am I going father?” Danica asked eagerly.

“We shall all go” he chuckled,”its not every day my daughter marries”

“Can I have a gown with a corset?”

“No you can’t, you are far too young for such things” he decided. Danica was quickly growing up, but like all fathers he was concerned she was doing it too fast. He didn’t really think she understood boys, at least he hoped she didn’t.  He was fairly sure her interest in Duncan was innocent curiosity and he certainly hoped that when the youngman moved beneath his roof, any returned interest could be put on hold for a few years until they where married.

“Its not fair”Danica whined, “Duncan doesnt want to see me in little girl clothes”

“If Duncan is any sort of gentleman, he will like you whatever you wear”

“Are you going to join us for dinner?” Jasmine offered.

“Afraid not” He smiled, “I should go and see I can do to help Falcon with proceedings”. nodding his wife seemed to accept the decision and he headed back out of the room  and back towards his study.

Slumping heavily into his seat, he sighed. He had been up since the crack of dawn down in the village and he found himself exhausted.

“Blast”He cursed after a moment, realizing he’d left his ledger across the room. In months gone this would have been a simple matter, a quick incantation and the book would be in his hand. He hadn’t used magic since he was sick, it was still in him. Sometimes he felt it coursing though his blood like firewater and somehow that scared him.

Once Lars had likened magic to an addiction, it was only now he realized how true that was. He was convinced magic could be controlled, that the use of it in the right hands could benefit people but these days he doubted whether or not his hands where the right ones.

He had done terrible things with his magic and least of all to his wife, magic had the ability to remove barriers such as right and wrong. Magic gave such power to its wielder it became easy not to consider its consequence, a simple spell and you could man a grown man bark like a dog or make a woman kill her own children.

He had proven he wasnt worthy of wielding it and as a demonstration of that simple fact, he stood from his chair headed across the room and picked up his book.


4 responses to “Tarik is invited

  1. It’s great to see Tarik getting back to his old self again! (incidentally it’s great to see the whole Darkfire brood in a post together. It’s been ages since we last saw them.) Tarik shouldn’t be feeling guilty although I suppose that a certain amount of guilt was inevitable. But Quillan’s right. It was the fault of Luscious.

    “If Duncan is any sort of gentleman, he will like you whatever you wear”

    Duncan’s a teenage boy. I assure you, Tarik, he isn’t a gentleman. Very few boys that age are gentlemen although I suppose Quillan is that way.

    Besides, the way he views Danica is *very* similar to the way I view my little sister (annoying etc). Whether this will change as Danica grows up, I don’t know, but at the moment he probably won’t care what Danica wears.

    Kinda excited for Asha and Faulke’s wedding even if it was a bit earlier than expected.

  2. Yes it has been far too long since we’ve seen some charecters. I’m currently trying to make some special effort to re-introduce some old faces, the story has been far to focused on a select few for too long and im putting an end to that :)

    I still struggle with Duncan + Gentleman in the same sentence :)

  3. Maybe Tarik & Jasmine ought to have a conversation about what Danica is wearing. ;) A little bit of “giving” to Danica’s urge to grow up might go a long way.

    Poor Tarik. I think he is a good man, and if anyone could use magic wisely, I think it’s him. I’m not overly familiar with how magic works in this particular game — does it automatically corrupt anyone who uses it? Or can Tarik truly blame his episode on Lucius and the demon that was possessing him?

    Still, I think I agree with him to lay off the magic for a while … he needs some time to still come to terms with what happened and what he did. He wouldn’t be Tarik if he wasn’t feeling guilty. Then he can better determine what’s to be done with his powers in the future.

    And hopefully he can give Asha a hand, too, because I can’t see Asha giving up her powers forever.

  4. In actual fact magic doens’t corrupt. The power it gives corrupts….. if that makes sence?

    People don’t change over night but human beings are fragile things and give them the power to be “super human” and what happens depends on the person.

    Tarik learned very quickly to control the people around him, it’s how he got away with what he was becoming as seen here :


    How much of it was him and how much was the demon is what he’s questioning, hes still a very capable mage and thats what scares him.

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