Raeanne doesn’t want to seem feeble

Raeanne ducked back behind the bar as the younger of the two men faced off against the large man. The brute swung his first attempt missing the young man as he managed to raise his new ‘weapon’ in some sort of defence.

She had to admit there was something mildly exciting about watching the men fight, blood and sweat, men being men, but as the fight continued it became very clear the young soldier was out matched by the large man.
Watching as the frying pan was torn from his grasp she flinched as it was then used against him. Smashing him hard across the top of his head.  The young man stumbled clearly dazed and she instinctively grabbed out toward’s his friend.”Arn’t you going to help him?” she gasped.

“He’s doing alrite” The man chuckled, flinching as the brutes fist pummeled into the younger mans face.

“Are you sure?”

“Yea he’s fine” he grinned, “he’s just playin”

Raeanne was not so sure, flinching again as the young man received a beating. “Please help” him she begged.

Nodded he picked himself up and headed into the fray and she watched with mild relief he tide of the battle began to turn in the younger mans favor with help of his friend.

Scanning the room she spotted her father he seemed to be managing reasonably well he had a cut lip and blood down the front his shirt but judging by the amount it wasn’t his.

However her eyes did not stay with her father long, the door opening and a familiar figure entered. “Orion” she whispered, feeling the need to hear his name as though to make his presence true.

She hadn’t seen him since she had embarrassed herself at his house. she had tried to move on, forget about him and there had been certainly plenty to distract her at her fathers house, but hadn’t really managed it.

He often crept into her thoughts and as he stood there scanning the room clearly trying to work out what was going on she couldn’t help but hold her breath, as his eyes finally rested on her.

Desperately she tried to read his emotion at seeing her, he clearly seemed surprised but if he was pleased it was hard to tell. She clearly had his full attention, so much so it was only broken when a flying bottle smashed against the wall beside his head.

Bursting into life he didn’t seem interested in joining in the brawl, instead he seemed to wade though the masses. Grabbing anyone that seemed to be involved in the fight by the scruff of the neck and hurling them unceremoniously toward’s the door.

Holding her breath as he made his way toward’s her father, would he recognize him? and if he didn’t how would her father take to being removed forcibly by a soldier.

Suddenly she let out a girly scream, she had never imagined herself even capable of such a sound, but when someone unseen came up behind her and grabbed her roughly by the waist, it had escaped without control.

Spinning she turned to face her assailant, it was the drunkard who had started all of this, his face now badly bloodied he stank of beer and vomit.  She fought against him but he was too strong. Despite herself she was like a fish floundering, struggling against the line as the fisherman reeled her in.

Stumbling her hips smashed against his, putting her hands up to protect herself she tired desperately to push him away. She wasn’t a weak girl, she wasn’t helpless or feeble.  Yet in that moment that was precisely how she felt.

Struggling against him the terror rose, as she pounded on his chest. “get off me!” she wailed. His lips making their way toward’s hers, desperately she tilted her face away forcing his lips to leave a trail of slime across her cheek.

“Git off her” Orion bellowed across the room, so loudly that even the windows shook.

“Git your own” the man scowled as the tavern suddenly silenced, everyone somehow sensing an escalation.

Twisting she tried to pry herself from his grasp, fueled by the fact that she didn’t want Orion to need to save her. She didn’t want him to think he weak and helpless yet more evidence that she couldn’t handle his world.

Thrusting the palm of her hand into the drunkards face she felt the bones in his nose snap. He roared in pain, letting go of her suddenly. Her relief was short lived as suddenly drew a knife.

“You don’t want to do that” Orion warned drawing closer but it was too late as the man lunged out.

She wheeled backward but he still managed to catch her, she yelped  slightly as the sharp blade drew a thin red line across her forearm.

The knife clattered loudly to the floor, as Orion reached him. The man jerked, lifted clear off his feet but it was only when blood appeared at the mans lips did she notice the sword sticking though his middle. “I warned you” Orion growled.


One response to “Raeanne doesn’t want to seem feeble

  1. 8-O

    I think there are still some feelings there for Raeanne. Yup. Pretty sure there’s some feelings.

    (And I have to say, go Raeanne! She broke his nose! Broke his nose! If she’d only seen Sandra Bullock’s S-I-N-G routine in Miss Congeniality, she may not have needed Orion’s help at all.)

    Anyway, something tells me there will be trouble for the Vauxes here, albeit not necessarily so much for Orion. I can’t imagine that a guard would get into too much trouble for gutting a man who pulled a knife on a noblewoman. (Er, Orion still is a guard, right?) I’m pretty sure it’s actually part of the job description. But Valdermar is going to have to hear about this, and, well, that means Gabriel …

    Unless Valdermar decides to grow a pair, that is …

    Fingers crossed for Valdermar!

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