Asha says yes

Asha stood nervously in the doorway of Faulkes bedroom. The young man seemed nervous and fidgetty clearly uncomfortable with her presence. “I want to make things right” she explained, peering behind her to make sure his mother was no-where in view. “I’m sorry for tricking you, I know it doenst fix things, but I understand now the magic it muddles everything up”

“You said you lost a bag?” Faulke noted, “What did you need that for?”
She wanted to tell him that she hoped he would still marry her, that she had left the Hamduns to come and be with him, but the words stuck in her throat.. instead all came out was “I can’t stay there any more”

“Good” he nodded, “I love yer Asha, I do but if you stayed there it was only a matter of time before something terrible happened.. that man was a monster and you had no place helping him hurt that poor girl ”

Nodded she burst into tears, how could she tell him something terrible had happened, that she had help him hurt his wife. That worse she had possibly even killed her? “I didnt want to hurt her, I just wanted to keep my family safe”

“I know you did” he nodded, “but you can’t ignore whats decent”

“and you can’t pretend you wouldn’t have done the same” she retorted angrily, suddenly frustrated at how rightous he sounded. It was easy for him to sit there all innocent like he had any clue.

“I wouldn’t have done what you did” he decided.

“You couldn’t have done what I did” she growled, “You have no idea what it is to be different”

“Maybe not he agreed, but it aint that easy bein normal in a world of different either. You think its easy to be me, my pa and sister are wolves even the man who raised me isnt a man at all. Some days I wonder whats the point, but then I remeber that the world needs men and farmin just as much as it needs people to protect it. Just remeber the solution to every problem isnt magic”

“I know that” she snapped, though in truth she realised that perhaps she had always relied on magic to get her out of trouble.

“So what did you say to his lordship when you left?” he asked sddenly calming

“I didnt see him,” she admitted, “i just left”

“Arn’t you worried?”

She shrugged, she didn’t honestly know how to answer the question.  Truth be told it was the first time she’d even concidered the consiquences of running. “I dont think he will do anything to the tavern, not now…” She reasoned, hoping only that she was right.” He seemed to have alot going on when I left”

“Did you put something in that poor girls belly?”

“Only his mistress” she reasoned quickly, “and she chose it”

He nodded but seemed unimpressed, “and what about yours, are you still….. ”

“Yes” She nodded nervously, “Its why im here, I want us to be a family ”

Thankfully he nodded seeming to understand, but didnt answer right away “Are you ready to be a wife?” he asked softly, without waver as she reached out for his hand.

“If you will have me” she agreed

“I will” he smiled finally seeming alittle unsure. she didn’t need to be Farid to know why he was scared, he loved her that was abundently clear but her gifts made him nervous, what they ment and what she could do with them. “We aint got no time for faffing on it,” He warned “You know that right? I aint having my ma shamed”

“I know” she agreed, “I’ll do whatever you need…. but there is something else you should know?”

“Whats that?”

“Your pa…. Lars… he was at the castle, something happened. He attacked it… and Sophie she did something to him.. he disappeared.”

“My pa’s a warewolf what in heavens name could a little lass like that have done to him? I know Vincent says she’s gifted with sight, but thats hardly a warewolf disappearin trick”

“I know mage marks when I see them” she replied. “What are we going to do?”

“We arn’t doing anything”Faulke replied sternly.

“He could still be alive” she argued.

“Then let the warewolves help him”

“He’s your da!”

“Only in blood, and mores the pity of that”


One response to “Asha says yes

  1. They agree to get hitched … and already they’re fighting again! I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful, if somewhat tempestuous, marriage, and not the beginning of the end of them.

    I am a bit unsure about these two … I think Faulke and Asha both need to give a little more than they’ve given already. Faulke certainly needs to realize that Asha’s magic isn’t going away even if he does put a ring on it. And Asha agreeing not to use magic from a place of duress, a place where she’s desperate, might not work out very well.

    And then there’s the whole business with Lars …

    This ought to be interesting. *fingers tentatively crosses for Asha & Faulke*

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