Orrick never changes

Deonte mulled over his ale, he’d only been in Brighten for a day. From one job to the next but that was the nature of his job. Under the radar thats what he was now, officially he was just a soldier the same as he had always been. Unofficially he was a member of Orions special unit, truthfully he wasnt even sure who knew about them.

Mostly his job was just to blend in with the other troops while he moved from posting to posting. Keeping his eyes open for anything that could be supernatural or unexplained. Then very occasionally he would be called to help Orion with something.
Orion often talked of a coming war, a war between kindred and mages the though clearly unsettled the big man and he insisted they all need to be ready. However over the last few months Orion seemed even less settled than usual and that was why he and Forrest where here.  Orion had sent them both a letter requesting they meet him to discuss the sudden disappearance of many of their allys. it wasn’t coincidence Orion had decided, Chris, Vincent and now Lars.

“How’s the little man? ” Forrest asked peering into his tankard, to find it empty.

“He’s grand Deonte smiled, twins are great with him at least when he isn’t stealing their toys” he chuckled. “how’s Neo? You worked out what he’s up to yet?”

“No”Forrest laughed “Taye is proper pitching a fit over it, ive told her she needs to plain leave the lad alone. Its probably just a girl or somethin”

“You think?”

“He’s a teenager what else could it been? Besides he’s growin into a man, it’s about time the damn woman gave him some space. Right im getting another ale and since you don’t seem to be taking the hint” Forrest chuckled, standing from his seat. “Hang on, isn’t that Orrick Vaux?”

Deonte turned, trying to see what his friend was looking at and sure enough Orrick was sat in the corner he was dressed as a commoner, but Deonte had worked on the nobleman’s estate often enough to know him when he saw him. “Aye, it sure is” amused as he recognized the girl sat by his side “and that is Ailana Hamdun”

“Shouldn’t we arrest her?”

“We arn’t the law” he replied, “besides Lord Hamdun is a bastard, if any deserved what he got, it was him”

Forrest nodded, seeming to accept it his attention suddenly drawn elsewhere. “Lady Raeannes with him” he chuckled “I guess we’ll find out I the rumours are true”


“Cole says he saw Orion coming out of Lady Raeannes bedroom one morning” Forrest chuckled, “im not sure I believe him though, you know how he is, full of crap most of the time”

“You think so, I mean Orion isn’t exactly the dandy sort. She’s a noblewoman what could she really see in him?”

Forrest shrugged.

“You really think he’ll let on to her? With her father sitting right there?”

“He will if she’s any good in the sack” his friend chuckled. “An if he does… i’ll spot it… Right do you want an ale?”

“Aye, why not” Deonte nodded.

Watching as his friend headed to the bar, he let out a drawn sigh. He had plenty to tell Orion when he arrived, there was something going on at Hamdun castle.

While he had seen no evidence of kindred, the mear facts surrounding Lord Hamduns strange recovery screamed supernatural. His teachings told him kindred was the most likely, they where the only creature with an easy way to heal humans.

His attention was suddenly drawn by a raised voice in the corner glancing across he watch as two men stood at Lord Vaux’s table. There was clearly an altercation of sorts going on. One man had hold of Lady Raeannes wrist while the other seemed to be blocking the nobleman’s way.

“I only wanna talk to er” The man slurred.

Deonte was just about to consider if he should intervene when he noticed two more men circling around, it didnt take much to figure they were friends of the drunkard. “Damn” he cursed realising there was about to be fight. Stupid nobleman what was he doing here? Getting himself into trouble thats what!

Suddenly Orrick swung out, Deonte certainly hadn’t expected the nobleman to lash out first but as the blow landed solidly on on the mans jaw, he couldn’t help but be impressed. His lordship it seemed knew how to fight.

Drinks went flying, Lady Ailana screamed as the old man plowed without care headlong into a full scale brawl. Glancing towards Forrest is wasnt hard to tell what his friend was thinking.

What a night for Orion to be late!!


One response to “Orrick never changes

  1. Ah, Orrick! You’ll still be swinging even when you have to do it with your cane in one hand and looking for your teeth with the other!

    … Come to think of it, false teeth could be an advantage in a barfight. Pop ’em out, stow them somewhere safe, and you don’t have to worry about losing any teeth in the brawl to come.

    But anyway! It ought to be interesting if Orion shows up just in the nick of time to pull Orrick’s fat out of the fire. And defend Raeanne, of course. ;) This should be interesting.

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