Abel has some ‘good’ news

Persia stood at the edge of the room, she could see her husband working. Was that even what it was called, they had been given an estate in desperate need of help. She knew it worried her husband greatly, it was all he could do to keep their head above water. She blamed Daniel of course, most knights would not have been given estates so large and most kings would not hand off their problems on another man.

Life with her husband was full of up’s and downs. For a few months around Christmas he had seemed happy for a time but since January his mood had once again slipped and he returned to the moody man he had once been.

Mostly these days he ignored her treating her while a mild neglect while he lavished attention and love upon their son. Sometimes she couldn’t help be feel a little jealous, of the baby. She loved her son of course but couldn’t help but wish he cared for her the way he did for their child.

Abel was a complicated man she decided and while she had once hated him she saw enough good in him for that to have faded away and be replaced with a mild admiration.

It was clear that his childhood in the Hamdun house had not been an easy one and she only had to watch the way the young man interacted with his brother to know that there was no love between them. All in fact there seemed to be, was a twisted sense of family loyalty that caused the young man great distress.

“Able can we speak?” she asked softly, praying that today’s news might uplift her husbands spirits.

Nodding he turned from the papers. “What is it?” he asked.

“I… I have news” she murmured suddenly unsure.

“I’m listening” he nodded indicating for her to enter fully.

“I hope you will be happy” she smiled nervously. There was of course no reason to think he would not be happy but it was so hard to tell with him. His moods swings made him very difficult to read.

“Pray tell me woman, what is the matter?”

“I think… I’m fairly sure I’m going to have another child”

“You think or your sure?”

“I’m sure” she smiled weakly “Are you pleased?”

“But how? I mean surely it’s too soon?”

“I haven’t bled” she reasoned, “Not since before Sebastian”

“But he’s still so little” Abel reasoned, “Have you quickened?”

“No… not yet” she admitted, “But I have been feeling sick, just the same as I did with Sebastian and I can’t think what else it might be?”

“Oh” he nodded seeming to accept the news. “Have you told anyone else”

“Only the wet nurse, I thought she might know a little about how quickly it’s possible”

“What did she say?”

“She said she’d known women who had babies close together like this”

“Are you pleased?” he asked.

“Yes… I suppose I am, a little surprised perhaps but it’s not bad news surely?” she asked suddenly worried by the look on her husbands face. Who’s expression hardly conveyed the over whelming joy she had been hoping for.

“No its not bad news…. “ he agreed his voice trailing off.

“You don’t seem pleased?”

“As you say, a surprise that’s all”

“Are you sure it’s just surprise?” she dared, “You don’t seem at pleased at all”

“I’m fine” he assured her. “It’s just another nursery to decorate and I’m not sure where I’ll find the money”

“Oh Abel, a second baby won’t need much more than a first” she exclaimed, “We can pass all Sebastian’s clothing down. We’ll manage”

“I’m sure your right” he smiled, seeming to cheer up. “It is good news” he promised.


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