Asha tries to find a way

The rain ran down her hair and onto her face and into her eye’s. It no long stung it had been this way for long enough that the cold had made everything numb.

Finally ahead of her she saw her goal, the farmhouse on the hill, Faulkes home and the place she had been running too. She didn’t even know if he would welcome her. She was both petrified and lost in a world of confusion.

She hadn’t meant to hurt the young girl, but in that instant Asha had finally understood why Faulke had turned against her. The magic muddled her mind, the need desire and to grow as a mage had clouded the simple things such as right and wrong.

Everything had happened so fast in the young girls panic. The way she had struggled it had made it difficult the focus the spell and something had gone terribly and horribly wrong.  Like herself the girls body had not been ready to provide a child, her spark had been hiding and just like when she’d cast the spell on herself she had attempted to nudge it’s hiding place to goad one into view, but with the kicking, screaming, fighting and struggling something had gone wrong. There had been a pop… she’d used a little too much pressure in the confusion and something had torn.

Deep in her heart she knew she should have stayed she should have tried to correct the mistake but instead she had ran.  She didn’t really know why she’d come, Faulke had made it very clear at their last meeting that he didn’t want to see her again but somehow although her initial intention had been to run to Darkfire she had instead come here.

Banging on the door she waited freezing for what seemed like an age for it to open.

“Heaven’s above Asha!” Maud exclaimed seeing her soaking wet.

“Can… ca.. I come in” she managed to stutter the cold jarring her teeth making it hard to talk.

“Of course” Maud nodded, opening the door and guiding her inside. “What on earth are you doing out in the rain”

“I’m sorry” she apologised, heading straight towards the heat of the open flame in the fireplace. “I wanted to see Faulke”

“Of course… but let us first get you out of those wet things”

“I want to see Faulke” she sobbed the weight of the last few days events suddenly crashing down on her.

“I’m here” a voice suddenly interrupted. Spinning she saw Faulke standing in the doorway, his expression cold and angry “And you’ve seen me. Was there something you wanted?”

“I … I wanted to talk”

“I don’t want to talk to you Asha, please leave”

“Please Faulke” she begged.

He paused and for a moment she thought he was going to send her away. “Come on then” he nodded, his face still stern but she was just grateful he seemed to willing to listen.

“You should get out of those wet things” he offered once they where upstairs.

“All my things are wet” she replied, “And I lost a bag on the journey”

“Alice has cloth’s still in her wardrobe, get dry and then we can talk”

Nodding she headed to Alice’s room, changing it felt good to be warm and dry her as her fingers started to get feeling back in them.  She settled herself down on the bed to steady her nerves she knew what she needed to do to win him back. His motives clear he just wanted to marry her and for her to be a ‘normal wife’ the question was could she do it.

It was getting late to hide her pregnancy, if they married now perhaps people wouldn’t click to the dates. But if they left it much later suspicion would rise and eventually a few clever people would realise the dates didn’t match.

Straightening her dress she looked at herself in the mirror, she wanted to be with him and her knee’s shook with the thought that perhaps it was already too late. She cared for him she could imagine a life together but sometimes they seemed so different that she wasn’t sure it could work.



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