Alice is Warned

Alice stirred, it had not been a fight. In a fight she might have landed a blow it had barely more than a massacre. She didn’t remember much beyond lunging towards the fury but judging by the pain she felt she’d been torn to pieces.

“You’ll live” Heather offered “You damn fool girl, what where you thinking?”

“Any news on my pa?” Alice ventured ignoring the scolding, heaving herself up into a sitting postion in the bed. 

“None yet” Heather agreed, “Laila has taken control of the sept”

“She can’t” she protested.

“And yet she has” the older woman disagreed. “Alice when are you going to stop disappointing me?”

“I didn’t mean too”

“I know you didn’t” Heather agreed, “Alice you aren’t a fighter, I don’t know how many times I need to tell you that. Yet every time you have a problem you act as rashly as your father”

“My father is a great warrior”

“Yes…. Yes… your father is a great warrior” she reasoned, heading towards the bed and settling down on the corner. “Alice your not a fighter. You can’t solve your problems with claw and fang, you need to learn other ways of dealing with your frustration”

“The Garou fight” she protested.

“Yes they do” she countered. “but there are more than one way to fight”

“I don’t know another way! You said your self we need to fight injustice. Well this is unjust Laila doesn’t deserve the sept. She didn’t earn it she isn’t even Silverfang”

“Silverfangs are not always the leaders.

“I thought we where supposed to be?”

“It’s not like humans Alice, the strongest amongst lead. There is no birthright here”

“But pa he always said….”

“The Silverfangs are good leaders and it is usually the case that they do control things, but it doesn’t have to be so. Don’t get me wrong Alice I know your father wanted you to control the sept when he was gone, but the garou will only follow those they respect”

“They will never follow me” she sighed her heart sinking. She never had aspiration’s of leadership but she knew it was important to her father, but she wasn’t strong enough.

She wasn’t surprised the Leila had beaten her so badly, Leila had almost beaten her father when he’d fought for leadership in the first instance.

She tried so hard, but even Ailth was a stronger garou that she was. Ailth beat her at every challenge, running, fighting climbing hunting. The fury that was supposed to be her peer just seems a world more powerful than she was.

She continuously felt like a disappointment to her father and now when he needed her the most. Trapped in the underworld… netherworld… oh where ever it was. The wrym ridden place where he’d been thrown she wasn’t powerful enough to help him.

“We need to get him back” she murmured.

“Yes we do” Heather agreed “We will find out what happened to him and we will try and help him”

“but until then we need to let Leila lead” she sighed understanding.

“I’m afraid so” Heather nodded “You aren’t strong enough to take her yet”

“Yet…. “ As if there was any hope.

“Yet” Heather repeated firmly “We just have to beat from you that urge to pop your claw’s every time there is a fight to be had”

“Has Tristen been?” she asked wanting to change the subject.

“He has” Heather nodded, standing from the bed and heading towards the door“He checked in on you an hour ago but he’s headed out hunting. If I where you I’d clean yourself up and get yourself out to the camp-fire people will grow more suspicious if hide”

“How’s Kaitlyn and the girls?”

“Understandably upset and distressed” Heather nodded, “You need to be strong for them”

“I’ll try” she promised.

“It’s not going to be easy for you” Heather warned, “People are suspicious. They are already talking about banishment”

“For me?!” she borked.

“Yes… for all of you…” the older woman frowned. “Of course me and Bronwyn will fight it, but you could use some friends right now. You’ve lost some respect and honour today, if I where you i’d move quickly to restore it”


“Some ways are easier than others” she admitted, “I’ll let you think on it but  you need to earn peoples respect and you need to do it quickly” she warned.



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