Alice has an itch

“Your on heat” Tristen mused, kissing her forehead as the pair lay together on her bed. It was a rare thing they could be together so openly, so intimately on their own. Ever since she had announced the couples relationship her father and Kaitlyn had watched like hawks.

She knew her father did not approve, Tristen was not Silverfang blood and to their tribe marriage or mating to anyone of wolf blood other than another Silverfang was almost unheard of. Still she did not always feel Silverfang, she’d been raised on the farm with her mother where the purity of Silverfang blood had little meaning.

Blushing she felt silly and uncomfortable, pulling away she turned to face him. “Can you smell it?” she asked biting her lip. He was right of course it, the urge wasn’t strong yet but it was their she could felt it coursing though her blood.

“No” he chuckled placing his hand to the back of her neck and pulling her toward him “I just know” he whispered kissing her.

Her heart fluttered, she couldn’t believe how lucky she was and as he drew her to his body she found herself pushing herself up against him, his hand tracing up beneath her skirt, as she ran her leg up along his thigh.

Of course he knew, how could he not she was acting like some out of control harlot. She had been this way with him before, but last month had been different. This time it was worse, perhaps it was simply because they where closer now. She loved him.

A wave of panic flowing over her she pulled back as she found herself straddling his lap. “We should stop” she decided. “Before it goes too far”

“I won’t let it” he promised.

“You don’t know what I did last time” she whimpered, thinking back to poor Farid who had been practically forced.

“I’m not your little mage” he whispered. “I’m kin, im as strong as you. I’ll make you stop”

“Wouldn’t you want me?” she asked, her panic suddenly switching. Did he not want to make love to her?

“Of course” he replied kissing her again “But I don’t want the wolf to want me, I want the girl”

Smiling she blushed, he was so considerate. He told her he loved her, she told her he wanted to marry her and as soon as she convinced her father she would say yes.

“I want it to be perfect” he whispered. “No regrets”

“I want it to be perfect too”

“So you do want me?” he dared, “do you think your ready?”

Blushing she nodded, “I think so”

“I wish you weren’t on heat right now” he groaned, letting her go.


“Because then I would know you meant it” he smiled.

“I do” she whispered.

“Good” he grinned. “I want you too”

“Really?” she blushed.

“Any man would be stupid not too” he smiled, kissing her again. Deeper this time more passionately and momentarily she felt herself give into the wolf and push herself upon him, but to her relief he pushed back and as promised she found he was strong enough to control her.

“Enough” she gasped, pulling away.

“You want it bad” he grinned seeming to take great pleasure in her lack of control.

“Hush!” she scolded feeling embarrassed and yet strangely relieve that he seemed to find humour in the situation.

“Well since your all wound up, would you like me to relax you?”

“What do you mean?” she dared nervously as something in his tone told her he did not simply mean to rub her shoulders.

Taking hold of her tossed her onto her back, moving his hand to her inner thigh and moving it up between her legs. His intention clear.

Her heart skipped with slight panic, she clamped her legs shut.

“Let me” he urged with a cheeky grin, “It’s not the right time for me to make love to you, but I can scratch that itch you have”

“I’m not sure” she whimpered suddenly finding she had released her legs and his hand had reached her undergarments.

“Please let me, you said yourself your ready to make love to me. This is no different and it’s far less likely to end badly”

“I know but…..” her voice trailing off as she found it increasingly hard to concentrate.  His hand gently occuping it’s self though he did not venture benieth the final layer of clothing.

Suddenly there was a different sort of itch, the niggling in the back of her head. It was familiar by now. Farid!

“Damn” she cursed, pushing Tristen’s hand away.

“Whats the matter?”

“Farid, he’s trying the talk to me” she explained with a sigh.

“Have you told him about us?” Tristen asked.

Biting her lip she felt somewhat guilty. “Not exactly” she admitted. It had taken a while but she’d finally regained control and could now force the young man from her head. She hadn’t spoken to him…. well since Tristen had arrived. She’d honestly thought he’d simply take the hint, yet every evening he continued to try and contact her.

“You need to tell him” Tristen decided, climbing from the bed. “Tell him you have a boyfriend, he’ll leave you alone”

“I feel bad for him” she reasoned.

“So what are you going to do? Keep avoiding him until we are married?”

“No of course not” she argued.

“Good, then I’ll leave you to tell him” he smiled “And if you want me to come back and scratch that itch later, you know where I am.”


One response to “Alice has an itch

  1. Well, that’s one way to scratch that itch. Probably a good idea, too … if Alice was 100% comfortable with it, which she doesn’t seem to be. Still, for a teenage boy, Tristan was relatively low-pressure.

    And I hope Alice does talk to Farid, even if it’s just to tell him she has a boyfriend. Farid could use a few friends even if the chances of him and Alice working as a couple are nil or close to it.

    … And you know, now that I think of it, with Asha gone *POOF* and Lars in vampire hell — Alice damn well needs to talk to Farid!!!

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