Ailana Moves House

“Kaitlyn what are you doing here?” Orrick smiled walking into the lounge where she sat, along with Ailana.

“I’m sorry for intruding” she replied embracing him warmly, while she let her nerves and worry momentarily subside.  She’d sent Duncan back to the cabin with the horse to tell the garou that Lar’s was missing while she had headed to Orrick’s to sort out Ailana’s future.

“Your not intruding” he disagreed, “You are always welcome, you know that. What can I do for you?”

“I’ve bought Ailana” she replied, looking over towards her younger sister who had barely said a word since plunging a knife into her brother  “I understand you had an agreement”

“Is Maegan with you?” he asked hopefully.

“No. We tried to get her but she won’t come, a fight broke out. Ailana stabbed Gabriel, we had to run. Lar’s went back inside to get her but he hasn’t returned” she explained unable to prevent her voice from breaking as she spoke.

Somehow she knew something terrible had happened, they had waited in Graymont as Lars had asked for two whole days but with no sign of him she needed to do something.  She would have taken Ailana back with her to the mountain, but the garou where likely to go onto the warpath and keeping their nature secret would have been too hard with so much planning to be done.  Besides Ailana needed a gentle hand she wasn’t the person to give it, with her own mind focused on her husband and daughter.

“We tried to get her out” she stressed, unable to contain her distress any longer “We really did Orrick but Gabriel has so many men it’s just impossible”

“Sshush now” Orrick soothed heading over and embracing her. “I’m sure you did, now all is not lost. Your here, Ailanas here and I trust Duncan is well?”

“He’s fine, still a stroppy teenage but nothing changes”

“Gabriel won’t harm Maegan, he has too much riding on her providing him a child and for as long as she’s alive we will keep trying to get her out”

“Yes… but it’s not physical harm I worry for. You don’t understand Orrick she doesn’t seem herself it’s like she’s brainwashed”

“I doubt that” he disagreed. “Maegan is an intelligent girl”

“She’s fragile” she argued.

“She comes from strong stock, she has a mind of her own and I suspect she’s still got more about her than she’s letting on. She’s a strong girl” he insisted. “It will take more than Gabriel to break her”

“I hope your right”

“I’m almost never wrong” he chuckled, “Now what are we going to do with Ailana?”

“I … I know you had an arrangement. She said you where going to marry her? I’m afraid we couldn’t get her things, no dowry, not even clothing”

“I have more than enough women about the house to dress her” he smiled “And as for dowry, stabbing Gabriel is more than dowry enough. I don’t suppose there is any hope he’s dead?”

“I don’t think so… “ she reasoned, having come to the same conclusion as Duncan that Gabriel seemed somehow empowered and that vampire blood was indeed somehow involved.

“Bother never mind, there is always next time… still it’s a good day. Ailana here safe and sound and this morning I found my Anya is to be a mother… a good day indeed”

Kaitlyn nodded, she didn’t really agree it didn’t seem a good day to her, not with Lar’s missing.

“I take it you want Ailana to stay with me now?”

“Yes please, if it’s not too much trouble”

“I’ll make arrangements” he nodded “As long as that’s al-right with you Ailana?” he asked turning for the first time to look at the young woman.

Raising her head she nodded weakly.

“You’ll be safe here” he promised, “Gabriel isn’t a fool. The Baron Dacre posted three full unit’s of men on my land this month. Such a show of support will surely make even Gabriel think twice”

“Things are really heating up between you then?” Kaitlyn asked.

“They have been calm since Maegan married Gabriel, that was the arrangement after all. However i’m using the opportunity to recoup, this isn’t over as far as im concerned.  The Baron has been a huge help, it was certainly a good marriage and not only because Anya is happy. His weight, certainly tips the balance somewhat”

“I didn’t realise the Baron was involved”

“He hasn’t officially taken sides” Orrick explained, “But he’s posing troops to ‘help with the bandits’  to be honest if Gabriel has half a brain he’ll know that to take me on now would also involve the Baron and that’s not a war he’s yet ready to win”

“Yes I agree” she nodded, “Have you seen the baron of late, he used to visit Lar’s but we haven’t seen him in a while”

“I haven’t” he admitted “Anya says he’s away, but lets not tell Gabriel that”

“I don’t think we are on speaking terms any more” she managed to smile.


3 responses to “Ailana Moves House

  1. “[S]tabbing Gabriel is more than dowry enough.” BWAHAHA! Orrick, I love you!!

    I’m glad to know that Orrick is recouping his losses and starting to go on the offensive. That guy isn’t going to stop fighting until he’s dead … and if Gabriel still needs to be defeated, I have a feeling he’ll work out a way to come back and give Gabriel the ass-kicking he so richly deserves. (And that Sophie hasn’t given to him already. Tee hee hee.)

    And I’m glad to know that Ailana will be taken care of. I don’t know how well she and Orrick will work as a husband and wife — he seems to think of her more as a daughter — but at least he’ll take good care of her. I don’t think Ailana has had anyone to take care of her since her mother died.

    … Her mother has died, right?

  2. Yes she did, she lived up on the mountains with Peter for a while but died a few years back.

  3. Thought as much. Ah, well. It’s probably just as well she’s not around to see her sons all acting like her evil rapist husband.

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