Helena has reason to run.

Helena headed to the young noble woman’s bedroom, Gayle had come to her in a panic saying the young noblewoman was stick. She should probably just tell Gabriel but for some reason she felt the need to see for herself.

Reaching the landing she noted the guards from Maegan’s room where gone, grimacing she understood, the witch had seen the young woman and now Gabriel saw no need to keep her away from other men.  

Pushing the door open the humidity in the room hit her in a wave. Sick rooms where always the same, you could sense a sick person long before you even saw the patient.

“Milady” she called tentatively, “Are you awake”

“Yes” came the reply.

Heading inside she headed to the window, while outside the morning sun shone brightly inside the room was dark and gloomy. Pulling open the drapes she allowed sunlight to flood the room before turning to where the young woman lay.

Her heart sank, Gayle had been right the young noble lady was not well at all, whatever the witch had done had not gone to plan. Hair slicked to her forehead, the young woman lay in the bed. No longer the picture of nobility the young girl seemed fragile and somehow broken. Her usually bright grey eye’s that sparkled like polished silver where now dull as as grey as the young girls complexion.

“Gayle tells me your are unwell?”

“My stomach” the young girl whimpered.

Nodding Helena headed to the bed, she didn’t know what had happened. While everything seemed to proceed normally with her own pregnancy. Something appeared to have gone wrong with the spell on the young girl.

Lifting the blankets she determined to get the girl from the bed, perhaps after a wash and clean she would feel better but as the sheet’s peeled away the deep red stain on the bottom of girls nightgown could not be ignored.  Oh lord she prayed silently, please do not let the girls hopes of having children have been stolen, Gabriel might accept that this attempt had gone awry but he would not accept a second wife unable to provide an heir.

“I’m…. im going to get the midwife” she stammered her hands shaking replacing the blankets as quickly as she might, before the young girl noticed her own mess.

“Please no!” the young girl begged, “I don’t want her near me”

“I have too” Helena insisted, “I need to know what happened”

Hurrying from the room, she ran two at a time down the stairs and though the corridors into the bowels of the castle to where the young witches chamber lay. Knocking frantically on the door she found no answer.

“Asha!” she begged “Asha” With no answer forthcoming she couldn’t wait any longer pushing the door open she found it empty inside.  There was nothing, no witch, they only thing that was certain was that the young woman had left in a hurry.

Panic welling she didn’t know what to do. Did the witch she know she’d hurt the young girl was that why she’d run?  Or had Gabriel simply got rid of her thinking she was no longer needed?

With nothing else to do she ran up the stairs this time, to Gabriel’s chamber where she knew he would be readying himself for the day. Bursting in most unceremoniously she practically took the doors from their hinges.

“For Gods Sake Helena!” he roared, pulling his shirt over his head while his valet prepared his over tunic. “What is the meaning of this?”

“Maegan… I mean… Lady Hamdun, she’s unwell… I fear it’s serious”

He paled, a look of sudden panic and concern replacing the look of anger. “What do you mean?” he demanded.

“She’s bleeding, heavily… Something last night, I think it went wrong”

Nodding he didn’t wait for further explanation, storming out into the hallway. “Get the witch!” he ordered.

“I can… she’s .. she’s gone” she explained following him closely.

He span on the spot, launching his arm upwards he knocked her against the wall. Pining her with his forearm tightly pressed against her neck “What do you mean, she’s gone?”

“I went to get her first, I went down to her room but she and all her things are gone. I thought perhaps you’d let her go?” she stammered.

“I damn well did not” he hissed, turning to the somewhat stunned valet who had followed as far as the doorway. “Find her… I want my witch back here within the hour” Nodding the young man hurried towards the stairs.

Releasing the pressure on Helena he turned, towards Maegan’s chambers. Helena could see the fear in him. Perhaps Maegan had been right, she had said the queen had promised that she would be important to Gabriel. It was clear now just how important she was, he was an unforgiving bastard but it was clear in that moment, while he didn’t treat her kindly right now that young girl meant everything to him.

She followed closely behind as he approached Maegan’s chambers, his bluster gone he paused at the doorway fearful of what he might find on the other side but eventually he turned the handle and headed in.

To her surprise inside they found Maegan was no longer alone. The Queen who it seemed had stayed the night sat perched on the side of the bed, with Maegan propped up drinking from a cup the Queen held up to her lips.

“You!” Gabriel hissed. “You told me …Last night was the night?”

“Calm yourself!” the Queen retorted.

“Calm yourself! Do things look calm?” he asked, storming to the bed and grasping the blankets and pulling them back to reveal the bloodstain.

Suddenly noticing the state of herself Maegan let out a wail. “What’s happening? Am I going to die?”

“Hush little bee” the Queen soothed as she stood to face off against Gabriel “Finish your drink”

“You told me last night was the night?” he hissed, suddenly slapping the Queen across the face sending her sprawling to the floor.  Helena’s heart leapt to her mouth, she didn’t know what to do run to the queen’s aid or run to Maegan.

“You dare to hit me?” the Queen hissed picking herself up, surprisingly quickly. Her own hand suddenly likewise lashing out, hitting Gabriel in return.

Gabriel flew… smashing against the wardrobe which exploded in a shower of splinter’s.

Not knowing what else to do. Helena ran!


3 responses to “Helena has reason to run.

  1. Could we just take a moment to acknowledge Sophie’s awesomeness?
    Thank you.

  2. Well it was about time someone beat the crap outta gabriel :P

  3. *jaw falls* While I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment, I never thought SOPHIE would be the one to do it!!

    And speaking of sentiments I wholeheartedly agree with — run, Helena, RUN! Grab your girls and get the hell out of there!

    And Megs … oh, poor Megs … can I come and give her a big hug? That poor little girl!

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