More than bottom slapping

“You still moping?” Joseph demanded walking into the common room he shared with Lorcan Beaumont. They had arrived at university a few weeks earlier and while both of them had come with their own heartbreak both boys had chosen to deal with it differently.

Joseph had by all accounts chosen to deal with Ailana’s rejection by burying himself in drinking and women, Lorcan had barely left his room. 

Abel had been right it was not so easy to ignore his differences here, the girls where different to back home. Certainly more willing and eager to please and it didn’t seem to matter how odious he tried to make himself. These girls wanted husbands and they didn’t seem to care that he was broke or cruel… he had a title and that seemed to override all reason in their heads.

“Come drinking with me tonight?” Joseph reasoned, “We’ll get you between a girls legs and you won’t care about…. whatever her name was back home, what was she called again?”

“Jane” he lied.

“Jane… thats it… Jane, a present girl… Come on Lorcan you can do better than that?”

“If I want to go out, I’ll tell you so” Lorcan grumbled, knowing full well that Joseph only really wanted him around because where Lorcan went, pretty young girls followed. He was after all the one with the title.

“My god, anyone would think you’d lost the love of your life”

“Who said I didn’t?”

“She was a girl” Joseph reasoned, “Just a girl … by your own reasoning it only started before Christmas how serious could it have got?”

“Serious enough” he replied, starting to feel irritated.

“Damit Lorcan I thought you’d be fun to have around and you are becoming quite droll on me? Come out… get drunk it will do your soul good”

“Like it has done yours?” he hissed.

“Yes” Joseph grinned, “It’s only when you get here you realise how truly ‘thin’ the pickings are back in Grimstead, I mean there isn’t a lot of choice and you actually start thinking the whole world is like that. I mean… in one month here I have met more eligible girls than there are in the entirety of Grimstead, its pathetic really no wonder men like Gabriel go mad!”

Lorcan snorted, Joseph was all bluster and he knew it. While his young friend talked a good talk and had indeed been out drinking with plenty of young girls even he knew Joseph had yet dared to bed any of them.

“Joseph you really are a pathetic little weasel” he decided “You stand there trying to pretend like you don’t care that Ailana broke your heart. Like nothing matters …. trying desperately to prove that you didn’t care about her because somewhere in your pathetic little head you think that I actually care. That somehow I will think badly of you for being dumped by a little trollop who couldn’t keep her legs closed. The truth is I honestly don’t care if she was or wasn’t good enough for you… I don’t care that you made a prize fool of yourself chasing a girl no better than a whore, but most of all I really don’t care that … While she opened her legs for half of Grimstead she didn’t open them for you.

“She didn’t open her legs for half of Grimstead!” Joseph hissed. “Your just saying that because you’ve never laid down with a woman either”

“Do you really think that?” Lorcan retorted, “Even I’ve lain with Ailana….. That girls so easy she practically gives it away”

Lorcan watch as his friends face dropped, he briefly regretted the lie, but Ailana was far from here and Joseph would most likely never call her out on it. Besides everyone knew Ailana was a woman with no moral character so what did it matter?

Joseph didn’t reply, momentarily Lorcan thought the young boy might explode but instead he simply stormed from the room.

Lorcan sighed, honestly he did feel little bad for the young boy. He been desperately trying to fit in with the older boys for years and yet it was dreadfully apparent to all that in many ways Joseph was still a kid.

Still that didn’t help him… the young men where different to back hope, at home everyone was worried about appearance and honour, here it was full of young men off their parents leash’s for the first time, all clammering toward the young women like they had never seen one before.

Perhaps Abel was right perhaps he wouldn’t be able to hide his differences with crass comments and bottom slapping. Standing from his bed he reached for the bottle of liqueur Joseph kept in his bedside table.  If he needed to show the world he was a man, then it might as well start tonight… He’d slept with Abel several times … a woman couldn’t be that different.


One response to “More than bottom slapping

  1. Oh, Lorcan. :( He’s starting down a road to end up with just as many issues as Valdermar or Abel, isn’t he? Albeit for rather different reasons.

    As for Joseph, I’m less worried about him — he got his heart broken, it happens. Give him some time and he’ll get over it. I wish the two of them would stop trashing poor Ailana, who is in many ways a victim of circumstance, but I doubt anybody in 1042 had that much empathy. (… Have we gotten into 1043 yet?)

    Still, poor Lorcan, stuck in the closet with no way out … I hope he finds a way to go through life that will keep him healthy and happy, but I wouldn’t bet money on it.

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