Anya thinks to the future

Anya stared out of the window. It had been the longest month of her short life without Vincent. She had asked, no begged Rebekah to allow him to stay with her but it had all been in vain. She was just thankful that Rebekah had at least for now allowed her to keep her memory’s.

Most of the ghouls staff had been dispersed into the villages, those young enough to do so had been withdrawn from kindred blood returning them fully to a mortal state. While those too old had been given enough blood to settle their affair’s and then had would either follow Vincent to his new home or die in peace.

New staff had been bought into the house, human staff .. staff who knew nothing of Vampires and Werewolfs. Rebekah said it was safer this way, the inquisition where not gone and it would be safer when they returned for all involved if all sign’s of kindred life in the house was gone.  The only remaining staff member to know of kindred was Eva, who with no life outside the house had insisted that her place was at Anya’s side.

The kindred would remain in the area, a Capadocian man called Nickoli had been put in control of Grimstead, with so many new Capadocian’s it made sense she supposed. He would train those that Vincent saved and attempt to round up any he had missed.

As for the others they all simply disappeared and Anya no-longer knew if her husband, Allard or even Arabella where even still in Grimstead.  Her only remaining hope was that the king had not been told Vincent was dead, the story was that he was mealy on the mainland dealing with business and that anya was to control his estate in his absence.  So with that she clung on to the hope that he would not be gone too long.

Rebekah was simply cleaning up the mess she perceived that Vincent had left and when she was certain that the Inquisition threat had died down Vincent would be allowed to return, punishment complete. ‘Mortal’s get bored’ she had said, when they don’t find anything for a few months they would move on and when it was safe Vincent would return. Then pair of them could make a final decision on her future.

Mortal or Kindred, that was the decision. It all seemed terribly unfair if she chose one way she would have Vincent, the other she’d keep her baby but there was no option for both and that played on her mind greatly. It wasn’t the sort of decision any woman could make easily and while she tried to be pragmatic about it, matters of heart where rarely logical.

“Milady you should really think about leaving the house” Eva suggested, “Perhaps visit with family or friends”

“I….. yes… I suppose I should” she nodded without taking her eyes off the window. She still hadn’t even told her family about the pregnancy. Her father would be please although perhaps a little cross that she had waiting till the bump was quite evident to share her news, she had planned to tell him when she’d last visited a month ago but her father had still been sick and then with the news of Maegan’s remarriage and it just hadn’t seemed like the right time.

“Your papa will be mighty proud” Eva decided, “And i’m bettin he needs some good news a round about now, it will do his spirit’s good.

“I know your right” she smiled, “Perhaps I can also go and see Maegan, if Gabriel will let me. What do you think?”

“I think you shouldn’t take no fer an answer milady” Eva smiled.

Eva was right of course, rumours had filtered though that Gabriel didn’t let anyone see Maegan any more but surely she was different? Gabriel might not respect her father or her family name but he had to respect the wealth and power that came with the Dacre name.

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