The blows bounced of his hide like the stinging blows of a child with a wooden sword, but these where not children and these where not wooden swords. These where men, trained and geared for battle but all their training was for nothing against the power and might of an elder garou.

Launching out with his claw’s he lashed out at one of the men, catching his solidly the chain-mail crumbling like it was made of parchment, inner-eds and entrails leaking out onto the floor despite the man’s best efforts to stop them. 

He was a monster. Sudden guilt washed over him… these where men, mortal men and he did not need Heathers disapproving voice ringing in his ear’s to know. Garou v’s man was wrong.

He prayed in that moment that Duncan was right and that somewhere lurking in the castle the wyrm resided. At least in that, this murder was justified.

Again and again the men struck out at him, some feabily managing to pierce his flesh but most being deflected harmlessly.  Why was he here? Did he even know?

Yes of course he did, he was here for Kaitlyn… she wasn’t Garou. She didn’t understand their law’s or vows to protect balance.   Maegan deserved protecting, he knew it deep in his heart… but these men where not the monsters and the monster in this story was just a man.

This was not Garou business that is what heather would say, he was bound to loss his rank for this …. perhaps even worse. Perhaps Bronwyn would rule that massacring mortal men deserved his own life in return.

The Garou would not forgive him this act and yet he could not stop. He could not return to his wife empty handed, she would never forgive him and that he could not live with.

Knocking another man flying out of the way he charged for the castle doors, sending men sprawling in his wake… he’d kill as few as possible he decided but the stench of death was already in the air. Too many had already died, his fur already slick with blood as he exploded though the wood and iron of the splintered door.

Screeching to a halt, he peered left and right. Which way? Where was he likely to find her. Listening intently he waited for a sounds. Peering though the door behind him he watched as the keep guards tried to rally themselves but the confusion and chaos of the events had somewhat taken the wind from their sails. The delirium had taken some of them, some would rationalise what they saw but for some their sanity would be forever lost.

“Lar’s” a hushed voice called out, looking towards the sound a dark skinned man with curly hair. “Lar’s is that you?” he asked again as Lar’s began to recognise the figure as one of Orion’s men.

Shifting back into human form, he headed towards him “What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Orion stationed a few of us here” the man explained, “He thought it unlikely that the Kindred would leave a valuable asset untouched”

“And what have you found?”

“Nothing” the young man replied “No sign of anything Kindred at all”

“Any sign of other supernatural’s” Lar’s asked grimly hoping the answer was yes. Anything to somehow justify the deaths.

“Only Asha” the young man replied.

“Duncan said, his lordship was healing… Ghoul perhaps”

“I have no reason to believe so, Asha’s mother was a healer… perhaps she also?”

Lar’s nodded, his heart sinking aware that what was left of Gabriel’s men was closing in behind him. “You better git out of here lad” he reasoned, “Do you know where he’s keeping Maegan?”

“She’s upstairs with the lord” the young man responded.


“None that I saw… just a doctor and the Queen”

“The Queen, what in blast’s name is she doing here?” Lar’s growled, he didn’t like Kaitlyn’s sister much there was something about her that made the hairs on the back of his neck prickle but while neither he nor Vincent trusted her she was it seemed on ‘their side’

“Just visiting I think”

“Like hell” Lar’s growled, “Sophie ain’t one for coincidence. Can you git these off my back?” He asked, indicating to the closing guards.

“I can try” the young man nodded as Lar’s headed full speed for the stairs.

Reaching the top landing it wasn’t hard to follow to smell of blood to the place where Gabriel had been hurt. The lad was right, that was a lot of blood for a man that still lived.

Peering around he looked for a door that would indicate where he would find the lord and his young wife. Finding one, he didn’t bother shifting this time instead taking a risk that he’d be able to fight the guards as a man.  After all he couldn’t reason with Maegan from battle form.

Bursting though the door, Maegan screamed and Lar’s suddenly realised how he must appear. The blood that had once coated his fur now coated his clothing and there was little to hide the fact that he had killed many men.

“Lar’s, what are you doing here?” the Queen asked calmly from her position next to Maegan on the couch. Though the doorway at the rear of the room he could see Gabriel, playing the part of the wounded dove lying quietly on the bed with what looked to be a doctor working over him.

“Like yer don’t know” Lar’s growled angrily, having no time for games or pretending that she didn’t know how this turned out already. “I’ve come fer Maegan, her ma’s worried for her”

“Maegan doesn’t want to leave” the Queen replied, “Maegans important”

“I wasn’t askin” he growled, happy enough to toss her over his shoulder there and then and carry her off let her mother deal with her when she got her back into the mountains.

“Lar’s don’t do this” the Queen warned.

“How about you keep yer trap shut” Lar’s growled, moving into the room and past the doorway that led to the bedroom where Gabriel lay. “Let Maegan speak fer herself”

“I can speak” Maegan agreed, nodding her face white as a sheet she was clearly shook up. The queen frowned by indicated the girl could talk.  “I don’t want to go” Maegan decided. “I want to stay”

“Stay, here wit a man who locks ya up? And by the looks of you .. knocks you about abit also?”

“Yes, the young girl nodded. “I’m important”

“See” the Queen smiled “she’s important”

“Your important to your ma too” Lar’s reasoned, taking a step forward.

“I want to stay” Maegan repeated, more forcefully this time.

“Why would you want that?”

“Why would I want to go to the mountains?” the young girl countered.

“To be safe, to be loved”

“Safe… what is safe?” Maegan argued, “it’s nothing more than a façade”

“I’ll keep you safe” the large man promised.

“Safe isn’t enough! I don’t want to be safe in a place where my life will be meaningless … in a dingy little cabin where I matter to no-one”

“You matter”

“The whole kingdom will forget who I am… like they forgot mother and Duncan, Alistair. No! Here I’m important, a noblewoman the whole kingdom knows who I am….  I’m important!”

Lar’s nodded, he understood in that instant. The young girls natural insecurity’s had been prayed on…and she had been brain washed into thinking that nothing else mattered bar being a noblewoman. The girl could live with being beaten as long as the kingdom remembered her name.

Taking a step forward it was clear there would be no reasoning with her. Over the shoulder was the only way he was getting her out of this castle.

Suddenly he felt a sharp stabbing pain, spinning he found the doctor at his rear he hadn’t even heard him sneaking up. It was an odd thing he was normally so alert but he hadn’t sensed a thing.

Putting his hand to his back he retrieved it covered in blood, the knife faintly hissing. ‘silver’ dammit he cursed.

One response to “Important

  1. NOOOO! Argh! Even going werewolf didn’t work!!!

    Damn you, Gabriel & Sophie, for what you’ve done to poor Megs! I guess the only hope now is that Duncan takes the throne and gets rid of Gabriel the old fashioned way. And, of course, that Lars survives this.

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