Helena Ask’s Some Prying Questions

Helena inspected the wounds, she knew that a doctor had seen her that it wasn’t her job to care. However she could not help to feel protective over the young girl who was scarely older than one of her own. The young girl was not hurt badly on the surface but the fire in her eye’s she’d had when she’d arrived at the castle a couple of months ago was gone. She seemed beaten defeated scarcly even making eye contact.

She felt an overwhelming sense of guilt and pity, Gabriel had never beaten her during her time with him, but the young girl was another matter mostly he’d simply ignored her and for a while she’d thought it was for the best, but now watching as the bruises glowed she knew if this girls life was going to improve she was going to have to force Gabriel to see her worth.

“Did you try what I suggested?” Helena asked, the young girl didn’t answer she simply shrugged as though she didn’t understand the question. “With Lord Hamdun, did you try and make him think you wanted him?”

“Oh… no” Maegan replied seeming to suddenly understand.

“Did you not try at all, I think it would be easier for you?”

“I didn’t know how” she admitted, softly still scarcely looking up from where she was staring at her hands “I … just tried to let it be”

“Did he humiliate you?” she asked.

The young woman nodded, before suddenly bursting into tears. “He made me do dreadful things, took me like a was a whore… No worse… like I wasn’t even a woman”

Helena nodded, she’d been scared of that. She had suspected that Gabriel want to see the young woman destroyed, her heart bled for her. She has tried to protect her keep Gabriel distracted and for the most part it had worked and with her pregnancy it hadn’t been too hard.

Placing her hand to her stomach for found her thoughts drifting to her own condition. Here she was carrying a child… assuming that the ‘thing’ the witch had placed in her belly was a child. At best she carried the child of a heartless man, who would soon bore of her as he had his previous mistress and she would find herself cast out along with a baby her daughters and with no way to provide for them. At worst… perhaps not all of them would be cast out after all, her stomach lurched as she thought of Gabriel moving back to Gayle.

Shaking her head she tried to shake her head free of the thoughts and bring them back to the young girl sitting lost in front of her. “You need to try and help him enjoy it” She advised, “I understand it’s difficult, but men are vain creatures and regardless of how he feels for you. It will do his ego good. Surely you remember what it was like to make love to your husband, what it was like when he pleased you?”

“He was always gentle” she sobbed “it’s not the same at all, and he never made me do anything I didn’t want”

Helena cursed, how had she been so naive, the girl was young and married as so many well to do women where, into an arrangement. “Your husband never pleased you did he?” she dared.

“He was a good man” Maegan explained, “A kind man.. I loved him very much”

“Yes but there was something missing in the bed chamber wasn’t there?”

“Everyone said there was” the girl sobbed harder “But I never understood what but he certainly agreed”

Helena nodded this was going to be more difficult than she had thought, how could she explain to a girl how to fake a pleasure she had never experienced.

Suddenly there was a call, a racket suddenly breaking out in the hallway Helena heard the guards shouting and then filtering over the commotion a name. “Megs!” a young man’s voice called.

“Duncan!” Maegan squealed, recognising the voice.


“Duncan! Here” she called, suddenly dashing from the seat and to the door, rattling the door handle the girl tried to get out. “Duncan!” she called again in frustration finding the door locked.

A banging momentarily ensued as the young man could be heard to pound on the door, a womans voice also echoed calling for the madness to cease and finally the lord himself ordering for silence as the pounding on the other side stopped with an defeated wail.

“Duncan!” Maegan sobbed slamming her palm against the door as she rattled the handle “Duncan!…. Duncan” she called again over and over, so loudly that Helena could no longer hear what was going on in the hallway.

One response to “Helena Ask’s Some Prying Questions

  1. Sorry, I should have said WHEN things go wrong in my last comment.

    But hopefully Duncan, Kaitlyn, and Werewolf Lars to the rescue?? Hopefully? Hopefully????

    *Crosses fingers for Lars to go werewolf on Gabriel’s behind — because he totally deserves it*

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