Duncan learn’s a secret he doens’t like

It was Duncan’s final night in the camp, tomorrow he headed to Darkfire to begin a new life as a nobleman. He was certain being a lord was going to be very different to being a Garou boy.

The change came with mixed emotions. Tomorrow he and Quillen would both be granted a portion of Darkfire castle from which to run their estate.  Tarik had insisted that financially both boy’s had been granted equal shares and that what they did with those shares would be upto them.

He had to admit the idea of living in such close proximity to Quillen had its appeal but likewise he also had to admit that the fiercely competitive side of his nature took this as a challenge. Determined that his estate would be more successful than his friends.

He couldn’t sleep, lying in his bed he gazed at the ceiling so many idea’s rattling around in his head he didn’t know where to start and all of it somewhat foolish when he didn’t yet know which family’s he would receive.  So excited that he was almost ready to bust… of course there where ‘other’ advantages to being a nobleman he was certain the Darkfire girls would not ignore him the way the Garou girls did.

Still with all the excitement, there was one nagging remnant of this life….. Alice.

She and Tristen where now officially a couple, a fact that Lar’s frowned up almost as much as he did. Still the elders had voted to let the pair court and until there was a reason to protest no-one seemed fit to part them.

Alice said ‘Tristen was more mature that Duncan would ever be’. Alice said ‘Tristen treated her with respect’  Truthfully Duncan didn’t know how serious their relationship was.. it seemed rather lame. All hand holding and peck’s on the cheek hardly a great romance.

Tristen was slowly becoming one of Duncan’s most hated people. Smug little git with his white hair and pretty boy eye’s, honestly he didn’t know what she saw in him. So what if he’d passed the test. So what if he’d learned a few Garou gifts. That didn’t make him any better than him. He was going to be a King one day.

As he lay their staring at the ceiling we was suddenly disturbed by a noise. Giggling… followed by Tristen’s voice begging someone to be quiet.

Jumping out of bed he hurried to the window, just in time to see Tristen entering the woods with a girl, at least he thought it was a girl it was hard to tell.   Sudden panic, why would Alice be sneaking off with him in the middle of the night? it wasn’t for any good reason that was certain… Lar’s would not approve of that.

Hurrying he pulled on his boots and shirt, dashing for the door he came to a screeching halt when he found his mother and Lar’s sitting on the other side in the lounge.  He vaguely registered the fact that his mother was in tears and he vaguely registered the letter in her hand. He didn’t know what was going on and nor did he care. Alice was going off into the wood with Tristen and she was going to get herself into trouble again.

“Where are ya off too Lad?” Lar’s asked.

“I’ll be back in a minute” he promised, taking the stairs down to the kitchen two at a time he didn’t wait for his mother to start complaining, that it was too late for him to be up and about. He needed to stop Alice

Heading out into the clearing he ran off in the direction he saw Tristen and Alice heading. Making his way into the under growth he hadn’t gone far when he heard the sound of a girl giggling.

He froze.

That wasn’t Alice.

Suddenly taking a more cautious step he slowed to a walk, pick his way through the under growth carefully, trying his best to be quiet.

It was obvious what they were upto far before he saw them, but when they did finally come into view he found himself staring.  He was not overly surprised to find he recognised the girl.

In the clearing lying together Ailith and Tristen where seen to be getting quite physical. He was on top of her, her skirt rucked up about her midriff their intention clear. . “What are you doing?” he demanded.

The couple froze and Tristen turned his pants already around his knee’s. “Duncan?!” the young man growled with anger that suddenly flared before dissipating and was replaced with a look of panic.

“What about Alice?”

“What… This…. “ Tristen mumbled, suddenly doing up his pants. “It isn’t how it looks”

“I suppose to both fell over?! and your cloth’s fell off?” Duncan countered.

“Duncan this is none of your business” Alith hissed.

“Maybe not” he agreed “but it is Alices! You’re supposed to be her friend” …and you?” he growled, looking back at Tristen “I’m going to tell her”

“Wait” Tristen called, hurriedly standing.

Not waiting to hear more excuses, Duncan stormed back into the woods and back towards the cabin. Overwhelmed with anger he’d wanted to punch Tristen straight in the jaw, but the older boy was a clear foot bigger and their training with Lar’s had taught him with all certainty that it was not a fight he could win.

“Wait” he heard Tristen call again, but this time the boy’s hand reached out to stop him.

Wheeling around Duncan turned to face him. “What?!”

“Please don’t tell her” Tristen begged.

“Why shouldn’t I?” Duncan retorted, “She deserves better”

“Perhaps…. But it would hurt her if you told, it won’t happen again”

“I don’t believe you, besides it’s not me hurting her. It’s you” he hissed.

“I know, I don’t want to hurt her” Tristen reasoned, momentarily looking forlorn “It wouldn’t be fair…I really like her but she isn’t ready for a grown up relationship”

“So what this is her fault” he countered, realising Tristen wasn’t at all sorry. The only thing the young man was sorry for was getting caught “She isn’t ready to sleep with her so you find someone who will?”

“That’s what you did!” the older boy returned, “Don’t make yourself out a saint. She told me what you did”

“It is not the same!” he growled angrily back. What he had done was not the same at all.

“Look if you tell her you will at best hurt her. At worst she’ll call you a liar and hate you for it” Tristen reasoned, “Either way you lose…. ”

“She deserves to know”

“She won’t believe you and I’ll deny it… She’ll never talk to you again”

“So what? I’m just supposed to let you do what you like?”

“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her” the older boy reasoned. “Please Duncan don’t tell her”


One response to “Duncan learn’s a secret he doens’t like

  1. Oh no! Kaitlyn found out about Megs. :( … Could Lars and the Garou go all werewolf on Gabriel’s butt? I’m just saying …

    And wow, you see the difference between the twins (Megs & Duncan) right here. Megs is thrown into the world of grown-ups, married to a psychopath. Duncan is still very much a teenager.

    And Tristen, by the way, is a jerk. Alice deserves better. Duncan should tell her — even if she doesn’t believe him, he’ll be able to sleep at night.

    Well, let me put it like this: he’ll have one less thing to keep him awake.

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