Valdermar Promises

Valdermar sat in the corner his face as stern as thunder he wasn’t happy with the dinner arrangements, he wasn’t happy at all.  While things had gotten significantly better for them since his father’s money arrives it had certainly seemingly relieved some of the financial stress the fact remained that Holly was now down to her final weeks.

“Oh Val… please at least try to be nice” Holly begged.

“I’ll be nice” he grumbled “I just don’t see why you feel the need to do this”

“I want to know your settled when I’m gone” she reasoned, “Is that too much to ask”

“Yes” he retorted, “It’s not natural for a wife to pick out her replacement”

“I haven’t picked her out… we are considering the options.

“Fine then it’s not natural for a wife to ‘consider the options’ for her replacement”

“Please Val… Sir Bendett will be here any minute with Tara”

“I’ve agreed to have them to dinner haven’t I?” he snapped.

“Yes but which do you prefer?  Emily’s Dowry is better but politically I can understand why you would rather go with Tara”

“And you forget that Emily is a head case!”

“Oh Val that’s not fair she lost her mother”

“You lost her too, you didn’t go mental… no I’m not sure I want Emily around Eaddie” he decided.

“Then it’s good we’ve got the Bennett’s coming over” Holly reasoned.

“Does Vince know why?”

“Of course he does. Did you think I was going to surprise him with it?”

“Im surprised he’s even willing to consider it with you still here”

“He needed a little persuasion” she agreed, “Just remember to explain how much better the estate is doing, we don’t want him thinking that he’d be sending Tara to live in poverty”

“He is sending her to live in poverty”

“Oh shush!” she exclaimed “You don’t know what poverty is. Sir Bendett nor Tara are afraid of a little work, she’s a good choice for you… its not as though she’s likely to get a better offer”

Her husband didn’t answer he simply snorted.

“Please Val, I just want to get this sorted out” she begged.

Rising from his seat Valdermar headed towards her, kneeling by her chair. “Why can’t you leave me to deal with this later?” he reasoned, “Putting his hand to her cheek. We only have a few weeks left I don’t want to fill them full of this?”

“I just want to make sure you’re taken care of” she reasoned, suddenly losing steam. “I know you… you won’t do well on your own”

“I managed before didn’t I? Besides I have Hannah”

“Babies need a mother” she reasoned, starting to get upset. “The need someone to love them and cuddle them. Someone who thinks they are the most important thing in the world”

“The baby will have a papa to do that” he soothed.

“It’s not the same” she whimpered. “Besides you’ll be a mess… someone needs to think clearly”

“And you think having some teenage girl who’s never even had a baby take your place is going to do that? Not everyone woman can become a mother to another woman’s baby as easily as you”

“Promise me you’ll love it?” she begged.

“Of course I will”

“Don’t blame it”

“I won’t”

“Please Val promise me you’ll love it?”

“Holly enough!” he ordered “The baby will be part of you of course I’ll love it”

One response to “Valdermar Promises

  1. *sniffle* Aww … Holly deserves a bazillion points for bravery. I still hope she’ll survive. I’m sure I’ll be disappointed, but a girl can dream, right?

    I hope that Valdermar and the two babies will be all right without her … *fingers crossed*

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