Uncomfortable Silence

The months had passed peacefully for Luke his wound was now nothing more than an angry red scar but his memory’s where no closer to returning.

Life with Kienna was comfortable, he kept threatening to leave to go out into the world to try and find out who he was but somehow she always found reason for him to stay.

Her pregnancy had continued and despite her best efforts to simply ignore what was happening, the larger her stomach got the harder it became for them both. The baby was still somewhat of a mystery to him, sometimes she’d slip and use a man’s name In conversation. ‘Craven’  and while it didn’t reveal much it gave him the feeling that her child was not the product of a random act. He’d tried several times to question her on it, but each time he was met with anger and fear.

The baby was somewhat of a worry for him and perhaps that was the real reason he didn’t leave, she was still so resolute. When the baby came it would be left for the wolves and no amount of persuasion on his part seemed able to convince her that whatever had happened between her and it’s father the child was not to blame. She had called it ‘evil’ several time but for the life of him he could not work out why.

He watched as Kienna moved around the table laying the cutlery for dinner, she jolted suddenly with a slight gasp as the baby kicked her. Her hand instinctively going to her stomach to sooth the wound.

“Darn thing” she cursed, “I’ll be glad when this is over”

Luke smiled, her mind was resolute on matters of babies but somewhere in her heart the instinct to mother was still strong. He didn’t have much of a plan, but he knew he could not allow the baby to die in the elements perhaps when he laid the baby in her arms for the first time she would see it was as much a part of her as it was a part of ‘Craven’ whoever that was.

“Yer staring again” she growled, “yer always staring at me as though I have a mushroom for a head”

“Sorry” he apologised pulling his gaze away.

“Well what are yer looking at then? Is there something odd about me?”

“No not at all” he chuckled.

“Now I’m funny? Am I?”

“Kienna you take things far too seriously” he smiled, “Can’t a man simply look?”

“Aye course he can, but I want to know what he’s looking at all the same and don’t make some fool thing up”

“You’re a handsom woman, and if you can’t think what a man might be looking at then you’re the fool not me” he chuckled.

She went suddenly quiet as a flush came to her cheeks. He had suspected for a while that she’d developed a soft spot for him and likewise he had developed one for her. He’d never acted on it, it didn’t seem right while she was pregnant and he was a guest in her house but that didn’t stop the feelings being there all the same.

The silence remained, until it became a somewhat awkward pause.  Standing from his seat he watched somewhat embarrassedly while she continued to prepare the food she’d started trying to pretend she had not heard him when clearly she had.

“I ain’t handsom” she decided finally, “you’ve just been away from civilisation too long; you’ve forgotten what pretty girls look like. If you stick around here much longer you’ll think all woman look like bloated fat frogs… skinny legs and barrel bellied”

“Perhaps” he agreed, realising the conversation was becoming dangerously close to being one in which one of other of them might need to admit there where feelings beyond friendship.

“You should go and get some wood” she decided, “Dinner wont cook it’s self on a cold hearth”

Nodding he headed towards the door without saying another word.

One response to “Uncomfortable Silence

  1. And we go from one extremely fraught pregnancy to another.

    I hope Kiena doesn’t abandon her baby — or better yet, I hope Chris tries to take it to the wolves, and hey! Somebody finds him who knows who he is! That would be the best possible scenario, I think. *fingers crossed again*

    And I’m totally not surprised that Chris is developing feelings for Kiena. It’s more than “good-looking man and good-looking woman left alone with no other company.” It’s … Chris. As much as he loves Megs, he’s still Chris.

    … Poor Megs, I hope she never finds out about this, because it would just break whatever little is left of her heart. :(

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