Meagan Decides Her Own Fate

“Uncle may I speak with you?” Maegan asked, it had been a whirlwind decision and her stomach lurched but she knew what she had to do.  Daniel nodded, waving her into his study, she’d already seen Ailana and Sophie and both Hamdun woman had agreed this was the only solution.

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

“Terrified” she replied “But I know what I need to do…. I must marry him… mustn’t i?”

“Maegan no” her uncle retorted, “No… I forbid it”

“Then what?” she asked daring “You’re too much of a coward to stop him and the Vaux’s can’t defend themselves. If he wants a marriage then I will give him one”

“He’ll hurt you” Daniel reasoned, seeming not to care that she’d called him a coward “I bought you here to prevent this…. I realise now all I have done is expose you to him”

“It’s a small price to pay” she replied “And Sophie believes that if I can give him an heir … he’ll look after me”

“An heir” he scoffed “I don’t think there is a woman alive who’ll give him that”

“Sophie thinks I can” she replied.

“Well you shouldn’t listen to Sophie” he growled.

“But she’s the Queen”

“She’s a Hamdun!” he spat “And as much as it pains me to say it her loyalties are with him far more than they are with me”

“I don’t know what else to do” she replied, a couple of tears rolling down her cheek.

“Give me some time” he reasoned, “Let me think of a solution”

“The Vaux’s don’t have time!” she retorted “They need action now. Raise an army… arrest him. Do something”

“You don’t understand, army’s take time… you don’t just pluck on out of thin air. Besides it would do no good, he has more men than I do and those men have been ready for war since the moment this all began. If I began raising an army Gabriel would march on this castle before I even had time to don my armour”

“You left it too late” she suddenly understood, “If you’d have acted the minute you saw him rallying troops you could have stopped this, but you didn’t … you hesitated and now no-matter what you do he’ll win”

“Yes” he agreed, looking ashamed. “I should have done something much sooner than this… but … I was confused…. Sophie … she … tricked me… at least she distracted me to what he was doing”

She nodded, she didn’t know if it was true. Had the Queen really tricked him or was it just an excuse for being a lousy excuse for a King.

She didn’t know and she didn’t care.

“So there we have it… there is no choice” she decided, her stomach lurching again. Until that point she had hoped her plan would force the King into action.  Instead she simply realised it was the only way  “It’s the only way control him now, to give him exactly what he wants and hope he doesn’t have further ambitions”

“Maegan, please I don’t want you to do this”

“It’s too late, there are no other options. Sophie believes the woman who gives him a baby will be able to control him…. I guess we can only hope on this she’s right. I’ll need you to write the contract” she begged, “It must be air tight. He must cease actions against the Vaux’s immediately and any future actions must permanently nullify the validity of the marriage and any rights he has to any children bore into it”

“You don’t understand, I have no power to carry out threats like that”

“Then let us hope he still has faith…. He might be beyond your control but suspect God himself still holds some. You must arrange it… arrange it quickly because I fear if you delay I’ll change my mind”


One response to “Meagan Decides Her Own Fate

  1. Megs, NOOOO! Don’t do this! There has to be another way!

    And Daniel is useless as ever. Why doesn’t he get Danson involved? Or anybody? He might have a chance that way.

    Chris, get your memory back & your butt back home! Grimstead needs you!

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