Duncan has some competition

“I don’t want you talking to him anymore” Duncan demanded storming across the clearing and grabbing Alice roughly by the arms.

“You don’t want what?” she scowled in disbelief shaking herself free.  Looking embarrassed towards the other Garou who were gathered around the great camp fire.

“I don’t want to talking to Tristen anymore” he demanded again “He’s no good”

“I’ll talk to whoever I damn well please” she retorted, dragging him off to a quieter corner of the clearing. “And you ain’t got no rights in the matter”

“but don’t you see…. Can’t you see what he’s after?”  he explained, it was noticeably cold away from the fire the ice still clinging to the winter air.  Deep inside he knew how he was feeling was deeply irrational but couldn’t help it. He couldn’t bare for her to be anywhere near him.

Alice chuckled “Yer jealous… pathetic”

“I am not” he retorted “I just don’t want to see you hurt… besides what happened to Farid?”

She paused looking down uncomfortably at her feet, “Me an Farid ain’t gonna work” she replied suddenly losing her bluster, “Besides he ain’t never asked me…. So I ain’t doin nothing wrong”

“You passed him over for a shot at Tristen you mean?” he asked getting some satisfaction in the fact that Alice was apparently no better than him after all.

“it ain’t like that” she reasoned.

“I don’t even know why your bothering” Duncan hissed, “Your father isn’t going to let you within 10 feet of Tristan… never mind give you permission to be his ‘mate’”  the words slipping off his tongue with far more venom than he intended.

“He might” she reasoned timidly. “Tristan thinks he might”

His stomach lurched, they’d talked about it. He’d actually asked her …. Things had got further than he’d imagined.  “Don’t be stupid, of course he won’t. it’s forbidden … Garou rule number one isn’t it?”

“What?!” she asked looking confused.

“Garou Shall Not Mate With Other Garou, isn’t that the rules?”  he insisted.

Suddenly she burst out laughing “You think he’s Garou?!”

“Yes… he’s a Silent strider isn’t he?”  he asked suddenly panicked.

“Tristan isn’t Garou…. He’s Kin that’s all… like Liv and Eire… “

“But … but I’ve seen him, with the fire” he mumbled.

“He’s learnt a gift that’s all. You great oaf! You could even do it if you got of your ass and re-took the test”

“He’s not Garou?!”

“No… he’s not… oh Duncan you are pathetic!”  She exclaimed.

“So …. He and you …. He could… you could…. If you wanted”

Alice giggled seeming to find the whole thing quite amusing “Yes… we could at least if ma pa lets us”

“Do you think he will…. Hang on…. “he paused, “If he’s kin… why won’t your pa like it?”

“Well he’s silent strider kin” Alice reasoned, “My tribe… we don’t mate outside it.. At least not into other garou blood”

“So your pa won’t you like two courting?”

“I don’t know” she retorted angrily, “But it’s none of your business either way”

“I’m just looking out for you”

“No you’re looking out for yourself” she hissed, “Go away Duncan …. Its time you accepted you had your chance …. Tristen likes me and I like him and that’s all there is to it”

The words stung, but this time it was not like when she’d seemed to like Farid, this time she really liked him, she wasn’t just saying it to make him jealous or to hurt him. This time she meant it and that meant he’d blown any chance he’d had with her


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