Maegan Is Scared

It’s was better here Maegan decided, a clean break a fresh start. She’d had chance to get to know her uncle and her Aunt and she’d even learnt a few things about the Hamdun family.

It was an odd thing…. She’d been raised since very small in the monastery and it was only now she realised how clueless she was.

The more she learned the more she realised the Silverhands where exactly what she thought they were but it what she was learning about the Hamdun’s that surprised her.

He mother rarely spoke of life back home when she was a child, she had never gotten the impression that she’d been unhappy as a child, quite the opposite in fact… it more than she sensed a great disappointment at what her brothers had become.

It was sometimes difficult to follow the queen’s rambling conversations at least fifty percent of them made no sense at all, but what she had gleaned had been interesting.

She had always imagined the Hamdun house to be a place of strict rules and oppression but like her mother Sophie also often spoke of happier times. It seemed there had once at been a time of peace and happiness behind Hamdun wall’s.

“What do you think he’s doing here?” she dared to ask as she and the queen watched Gabriel climb from his carriage outside the castle.

“Upto no good as usual” the Queen sighed. “The problem with Hamdun men is, they are nothing without Hamdun women”


“Their heads are filled with nonsense”

“Isn’t that all men?” Maegan chuckled.

“Hamdun men more than most” the Queen smiled “I’m surprised their heads don’t simply fall off”

“Orrick thinks Gabriel is beginning to self-destruct… he says, that Gabriel doesn’t find a wife soon he’s going to lose it”

“Orrick is right” the Queen agreed, “Which is why we must find him a wife”

“Who would want to marry him?”  she scoffed.

“Only a strong woman” Sophie chirped, “The woman who gives him a child will hold all the power”

“Orrick says there’s something wrong with him, that it doesn’t matter who he marry’s it won’t bare children”

“He has a bastard, he’s not ‘that’ broken”

“Still I can’t imagine him relinquishing power to anyone…. Nor a woman brave enough to try”

“He is just a scared little boy” the Queen reasoned. “But he will give everything to a woman who bares him a son”

“Im not so sure he has anything worth having”

“You think the most powerful man in the kingdom doesn’t have anything worth having?”

“The King is the most powerful”

“Is he?”

“I …. I don’t know” she asked suddenly doubtful.

The Queen smiled, placing her hand gently to Maegan’s cheek “Don’t fret my little Bee, he shall only marry you if you say yes”

“What!?” She spat, finding herself suddenly backing away so fast she hit the wall, her head in a sudden panic “Me… is that what he’s doing here? He’s here for me?”

“Yes of course” the Queen smiled.

“Oh… no … no …. Your highness you can’t, you can’t let him take me. Please tell me Daniel will say no?!”

“Hush now little Bee” the Queen soothed, “You are a Hamdun woman, do not show fear”

“How can I not?!” she wailed.

“Maegan! You have ALL the power. He cannot take you unless you agree”

“And… and I shall never!” she declared almost hysterical.

“Then just say no and keep saying no” Sophie reasoned simply “Daniel will not force you”

“I will” she agreed, “I certainly will”

One response to “Maegan Is Scared

  1. Yeah, not sure I believe that. Saying “no” hasn’t exactly stopped Gabriel before. RUN, Megs! Run before he gets you!

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