Warm Beds, Cold Hearts

“I need your help” Helena asked nervously, heading towards the dark haired witch in the kitchens. “You know to do that thing we talked about?”

“Are you sure?” the young woman asked, seeming genuinely concerned.

“Yes” she nodded, though her heart pled no.

“you don’t have to do this you know” the witch offered, keeping her voice low enough to keep the conversation discreet. “There are other ways?”

“No there aren’t” she reasoned, this was the last thing she wanted. Something in the pit of her stomach told her this baby was Stephens but Gabriel was right she couldn’t expect him to raise a child not knowing.

“I mean… I’m not sure that Lord Hamdun has your best interest at heart” the young girl prompted.

Helena nodded, she knew how he’d changed. He was no longer the sweet boy she had once known but what he didn’t seem to understand was the fact that she had changed as well. She was no longer the innocent girl she’d once been she now knew the truth about the world and how it worked. She knew what it was to be hungry and cold.

All she knew right now was that her sons had been given a leg up and she daughter’s slept in warm beds and while Gabriel was clearly a deeply unhinged man, he desperately needed a son and if she managed to give him one life would continue to be comfortable….

She was not naive enough to think he would truly marry her but she was wise enough to know rejecting him now would be deeply unwise. Yes he may at some point cast her aside but she was not foolish enough to risk the repercussion’s if she was the one to reject him.

“I’m sure” she nodded, “It needs to be done”

“You have other option’s”

“No I don’t” Helena reasoned, “Please don’t make this harder than it is…. Let’s just get it done”


2 responses to “Warm Beds, Cold Hearts

  1. Hmm. So Helena plans to use him as much as he plans to use her. It’s just a sad situation all around … but she has to do what’s best by the kids she already has, and she has a really good point about Gabriel being able to harm her more if she rejects him.

    At least she’s not naive enough to think Gabriel would marry her.

    *sigh* Are you sure we can’t just drop a satellite on Gabriel? So many problems would be solved … ;)

  2. sorry there are a lack of Satallites in Grimstead :(

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