Asha Casts A Spell

“Why do you always pull away?” Asha sighed from the bed, watching as Faulke straightened himself out.  

“Cause if I don’t, I won’t” he chuckled, tucking the shirt back into his pants.  It was the first time they’d been truly alone together since returning from the farm and things had gotten a little more heated than usual.  

“Perhaps I don’t want you to stop” she decided, flattening down her hair which had got somewhat ruffled in their encounter. “I don’t see what it matter’s, your going to marry me anyway”

“Then marry me” he smiled, “If it’s going to happen. Why are we waiting?”

“Oh Faulke don’t” she scowled.

“You bought it up” he reasoned “Yer even said yourself that perhaps it would help you get that spell finished”

“I’m not getting married, just to finish a spell”

Faulke looked disappointed, “Well I was hopin it wouldn’t be the only reason fer it. Asha why you so hesitant? You like me well enough don’t you?”

“I just don’t think we should rush”

“You want to rush some things”

“Well that’s your fault” she grinned back at him. “You get me flusted and not thinking straight”

Suddenly the door opened and the lord was seen to be standing on the other side.

“Damnit yer lordship you could knock”  she protested.

“It’s my house” the lord scowled, “I see your still dallying with the farm boy I take it that means you’ve finished the spell”

“Sort of Milord” she lied.

“Good, I want you to use it tonight on Helena, do you understand?”

“Yes milord” she nodded, as a sinking sensation overwhelmed her, she knew the spell but she didn’t know how to use it. Part of her had considered the fact that it was perhaps simply one of those spells that wouldn’t work unless it was given the proper situation. Like the spell that made fire burn brighter … without an initial flame it did nothing.

Still not all of the sinking sensation was due to the fact that she wasn’t sure about the spell.  Part of her felt casting it on an un-unknowing woman was outright wrong.

While she’d tried to tell herself that Helena went to his bed of her own accord and that she took her own risks. Still making a woman pregnant, an unmarried woman with no security settled badly.

She’d considered a hundred times over the past few weeks refusing to do the lords dirty work, but each time she did she knew things would get messy for her father and Daisy but there wasn’t a day that went by that didn’t see her wanting to pop his head like a bubble.

“So do you use it after or before?” he scowled.

“After” she replied.

“Fine then I will call for you …. Make sure you’re ready”

“Does she want a baby?” she asked suddenly.

“What does that matter” he hissed.

She didn’t even know why she asked “I don’t know” she agreed.

Several hours later she was called shaking to the master bedroom.  As the door opened she could see the older woman lying in the bed protesting while the lord fussed over her.

“But I feel fine” Helena insisted, “Gabriel your being absurd”

“Just let my doctor see you” the lord replied ushering her in. “I still think you look pale”

Heading over to the bed Asha found herself nervous. The blond woman still complaining, allowed herself to be examined.   

Allowing herself to drift inside the woman’s body, preparing to cast the spell. In the background she could her Gabriel trying too sooth her. The woman had clearly heard the rumours the staff had told about her being a ‘witch’ and she was overly happy about her being so near.

Suddenly she stopped dead… there was a problem….

Helena was already pregnant.


2 responses to “Asha Casts A Spell

  1. OOH! Who’s the father?? Stephan? (It would SO serve Gabriel right if it was Stephan.) Or Gabriel?

    And since there is every possibility that it could be Gabriel’s, Gabriel probably wouldn’t be stupid enough to demand that Helena abort it or anything … right?

    Who am I kidding, this is Gabriel. He’s not exactly sane on this issue. But still, I hope the baby is Stephan’s. Just to piss in Gabriel’s cornflakes.

  2. For Helena’s sake, I hope the baby is NOT Stephan. For one simple reason. If the baby is Stephan’s, I fear what Gabriel will do to Helena. Remember what happened with Jaedyn? Not exactly the same thing but Gabriel seems to be too far gone to realise that now.

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