Maegan Return’s

Orrick had dealt with the news as well as any man.  The repercussions of the news paled against the sudden lose he felt, he had however managed to hold himself together.

Kaitlyn had written to tell him the news she’d apologised for the impersonal way she’d told him he’d lost his son, even though they both knew she was less than welcome in Grimstead.

She said Lar’s and his companions had searched tirelessly for Christopher however they had come up empty and now he didn’t even have a body to bury. Lar’s had promised to keep searching but he thought it likely that Christopher had been pulled to the bottom of the fast flowing river or even more likely, he’d been taken off into the sea.

At least he held himself together right until the moment Maegan walked in through the door.  One look at her face and he burst into tears. He had seen Maegan upset but she looked so utterly lost he grieved for her more than he grieved for himself.

“I’m glad you’re here” he managed to mumble though the tears. In truth he wasn’t sure Maegan would return. Her dower had been generous he’d provided the means for her to take care of herself even though Christopher’s estates would not pass to her. Kaitlyn had of course offered to keep her and now widowed Maegan had the entitlement to live where she pleased. “I wasn’t sure you would come back”

“Don’t you want me?” she whimpered.

“Of course I want you” he replied, pulling her into his fatherly embrace.  In truth he couldn’t stand to think of her anywhere else. His last conversation with his son had been a fight, most conversations he had with his son during his life had been fights. Still despite Christopher’s accusations Maegan had not been a mistake, she had been good for him and despite what Christopher had thought he had been good for her.

She was too young to be a widow… too young.

“What are we going to do?” she asked pleadingly.

“I don’t know” he admitted, it was too soon to tell her Daniel had already paid a visit, poking around asking questions. He hadn’t told the King that Maegan was in the mountain’s, politically it would have been a sensitive admittance.

It didn’t take a genius to work out why the king had visited, it wasn’t merely to offer condolences the question was what did he want to know more?

What Orrick was going to now his heir was a third cousin he’d never met? Or if Maegan would consider re-marriage.. more specifically would she consider Marriage to her own uncle?  The church would un-doubtedly disapprove of such a thing but had no doubt Gabriel had a way around such an inconvenience.

He knew Maegan would never consider it willingly but despite her new found freedom. The king could still apply a great deal of pressure on her.

Still that was not a conversation for now… not a conversation for now at all.


2 responses to “Maegan Return’s

  1. You killed him…

    You killed him…

    You killed him…

    (“This could take a while to sink in,” Joseph said later)

    You killed him…

    You killed him…

    You killed him…


    When I found out who loosened that bow, I will come on in there, and slowly torture and kill the fucking murderer who did this. My main suspect is Gabriel. Know what? I used to like Gabriel. But if he did this, I will never forgive him. Same goes for anyone else.

    Man, you’re killing off all my favourite characters! Jaedyn, Christopher. Holly is dying.

    Oh and Maegan + Gabriel = NO!

    That was the maths equation of the day. Thank you peeps.

  2. There’s no body! And this is Grimstead! That means there’s hope!

    (Hey, there was a body with Alistair, and he came back … sort of … so as far as I’m concerned, even with a body there’s some slight hope!)

    Yes, I’m in denial over the fact that Christopher might be dead, and I intend to stay in denial until it is proven beyond all reasonable doubt. ;)

    But Maegan, no! Why did you go back to Grimstead? You’re in danger there from your creepy, scary, good-for-nothing uncle? Go back to the mountains while you still can!

    … Although … Asha is still in Gabriel’s pay, right? And her father is pursuing an alliance with Maegan’s twin — this could all turn out very, very interesting for Gabriel. In a bad way. Bwahaha!

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