Asha conciders making babies

Asha frowned, the light in the kitchen wasn’t ideal and with people in and out it was hard to concentrate. She had lied to Lord Hamdun. He’d asked her how progress was going with the spell that would get his new wife pregnant and she had said it was almost finished.

Time was slipping away from her but she had wanted so desperately to be allowed to come and spend Christmas with Faulke but now she was here she realised what a terrible lie it had been.

The words seemed to jump around on the paper in the flickering candle light and her head pounded. She did not understand what the spell was telling her to do, she did not understand it at all. 

It wasn’t that she’d made no progress learning the life magic’s over the past few months; she had some luck with healing and had even managed to mend the broken wing of a small bird. However no matter how had she tried she could not fathom out how to insure a pregnancy.

“What is it you’re studying?” Maud asked peering over her shoulder towards the text. Asha knew the old woman couldn’t read any more than Lar’s could but she showed an interest any way.

“It’s a spell” she explained, “It’s for … making babies”

The old woman chuckled, “You won’t need one of those, you and Faulke will work that one out by yourselves I’m sure”

“Not for me” she replied hurriedly, “for my Lord, he… has had trouble, but I don’t understand it”

“Why not?”

“Well…. “ it was hard to explain. “When I knit skin or bone, I lay my hands on the person and I can visualise the problem…I imagine going to where the problem is and can see how to fix it. My da says ma looked at Gabriel once, she said there was nothing wrong with him. Everything was working and where it was supposed to be”

“Maybe the problem was with the woman then?” the old lady suggested.

“No” she shook her head, “The lady had two babies with other men”

“Then perhaps with a new wife things will work themselves out?”

“I can’t risk hoping for that” Asha explained. “I keep thinking that perhaps something was going wrong in the process… I mean, I know the man fertilises the woman….. but ……. “ her voice trailed off.  “just don’t understand how” she explained.

“Didn’t your mother have that talk with you?” Maud asked misunderstanding.

Asha blushed, “No… I mean.. yes … it was my father and he stuttered though the whole thing” she explained. “I know how… I just don’t know… HOW… I know what happens in the bedroom.  I don’t understand what the body does after next… when I knit bones I can imagine them whole, cuts I can imagine it closed… that… I wouldn’t even know what it looked like, does it all mush together and make a baby?”

Maud chuckled, “Well I can’t help you with that”

“I’ve got the spell” she reasoned, “I just don’t know how to use it”

“Well im sure you’ll understand it better when you and Faulke are wed” the old woman suggested. “Perhaps when you have a couple of babies of your own?”

Asha sighed, yes she was sure she would. It wasn’t as though she hadn’t considered the idea. Watching what was happening in her own body was one of the first ways she’d learned to fix things, but getting pregnant just so she could see how it worked was not a on her list of things to do.


One response to “Asha conciders making babies

  1. Well, Asha, you’re in semi-luck, since Gabriel is now without a prospective bride and perhaps isn’t quite as … eager to start making babies.

    However, there’s also the problem of Helena — Gabriel might want a baby or a dozen out of her. :-S Or maybe … maybe he’ll want to woo her and marry her first, so that his babies will be legitimate. That will give Asha some more time. Searching for a wife on the continent will take more time, too.

    … I don’t suppose there are any trying-to-conceive women that Asha knows who might let her have a look inside them? (Er, after they come out of the bedroom, that is.) How about Daisy? She and Falcon are still in baby-making mode, right?

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