Anya Choose’s

Anya had no idea what the hell she was doing.

It was been shortly after the household had finished breakfast when she’d suddenly had to overwhelming urge to grab a carriage and head off into the countryside.

She didn’t even know where she was going or why?  

But something deep in the pit of her stomach told her she must go.

She’d travelled for a little while when she spotted a copse of tree’s it wasn’t especially extraordinary, in fact it was quite ordinary.  She had passed at least a dozen similar looking ones on the way.

Ordering the coach driver to head towards it he pulled it as close as the rough ground would allow and half tumbling half running, she sprinted though the rough grass towards the tree’s.

Arriving she stopped dead, suddenly realising why she had been bought. Lying in the grass huddled in the shade of the tree lay a figure. At least she thought it was a man.

His red coat unmistakable the only thing left recognisable. His skin somewhat charred the baron looked all but dead.

Her stomach lurched, unsure if it was the sight of him or the sudden thought he might be gone from her. 

“Baron” she called tentatively, not wishing to get too close she peered around for sign’s that he may still be ‘alive’. She was certain no human man could survive the level of injury’s the baron had suffered, but likewise as she had learned the Baron was not quite human.

He didn’t answer but he did move, his head tilting towards her.

“Baron” she repeated, overwhelmed by a feeling of sudden relief she took a step towards him.

“Don’t!” he whispered, his voice laboured “Stay…. Back”

“Baron!” she whimpered, she didn’t know what to do… she didn’t know how to help. Feeling utterly helpless she stood motionless.

He didn’t say another word and the air grew so silent it as though even the animals and birds gave them a moment.

“Baron how I can help you?” she begged, floundering.  It was then she noticed the cause of his injury’s when she’d arrived she’d thought he’d merely been in some fight or fire. As the wind blew the leaves on the tree’s and tiny rays of sunshine filtered through the leaves she realised it was the sunlight that was killing him. His skin scorching and crackling each time a ray hit his skin.  

In a sudden rush to protect him she hurried towards him, only stopping when once again he called “Don’t”

“Why not?” she begged.

“I don’t want to…. Hurt you” he reasoned weakly.

“Forgive me, but you don’t seem in any state to be dangerous” she retorted.

“I am more dangerous than…. You realise” he disagreed.

It was then she noticed, his fang’s and she paused. Allard had explained a little about feeding the nature of it and what happened when Vampires were hungry.

“You need to feed” she noted.

The baron nodded weakly.

“But… I need to get you to the coach” she reasoned.

“Please don’t try” he begged, “I could not stop…. Not even if I wanted too”

“Could you not…. Feed just a little?” she asked nervously, “Just enough?” scarcely able to believe she was even making the offer but realising then she didn’t want to lose him.

“I can’t” he reasoned, “I’d kill you”     

“Then why am I here!?” she begged, “If I can’t move you… feed you… then why am I here? Just to watch you die?”

“I don’t know” he admitted, “I was thinking about you … that’s all.. I guess I must have… called you… I didn’t intend it”

“Well I am here now” she decided you have to let me do something… shall I go and get Isabel.. Or Christopher” she reasoned, “someone? anyone?”

“There is no time”

“Why because of the sun?” she asked looking up and realising that midday was approaching very rapidly and while the sun was not as hot as it was in the summer months it seemed certainly hot enough to cause him damage. “Can I cover you?” she asked, peering around looking for anything to cover him over with.

Considering for a moment tearing the skirt of her dress but then realising in the same instant that the fabric might buy him time but it would not buy him enough. “What shall I do?” she begged.

“Just talk to me” he decided. “I’m sorry … for everything… I did a terrible thing”

“No!” she sobbed, “I won’t just stand here talking to you… I’m going to move you” she decided.

“No Anya please” he begged as she drew closer.

“Then let me get the driver…. He can help?”

“Please don’t” he whispered “I don’t want anyone to get hurt for me”

“Fine!” she growled. “Then I’m moving you… and you … you are simply going to have to keep your fangs to yourself. ”   


“Yes” she decided, moving closer less tentatively. “And just in case you need reminding, I’m carrying a baby, your son… so if you even think about making me a meal, think about him”

“Him?” he queried, grunting as she took hold of him under the arms.

“Well … it better be a boy” she reasoned, “If it’s the only one we are going to have”

“We….” He smiled though the pain as she began to clumsily drag him across the field “I think I like the sound of that”

One response to “Anya Choose’s

  1. Go, Anya! You help him out! Even if his demon did get loose … hopefully it chased the Inquisition away?

    Who am I kidding? They’ll just come back stronger unless Vincent killed every last stinkin’ one of them. *gulp* Grimstead’s in trouble.

    And let’s hope the demon doesn’t get loose again, and that Anya can get Vincent to somewhere safe before he sizzles.

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