Danson is asked.

“Danson” The elderly woman called, chasing the young night down the corridor as fast as her legs would allow.

“You’re Majesty” Danson bowed slightly surprised to see the kings mother chasing him so.

Annabella smiled “Danson I wanted a word if I might?”

“Of course” he nodded, “Though you should have just sent for me”

“Oh… I like to walk” she replied with a smile.

“Then let me walk you back to your room” he smiled, offering her an arm which she gratefully took.

Heading back to the lady’s chambers they passed the queen on the way who gave the knight one of her usual icy stares.

“She doesn’t like you much” Annabella noted.

“I really have no idea why” he admitted.

“It’s because you are the right sort of gentleman” the old woman smiled.

Danson nodded he wasn’t quite sure what the old woman meant but he knew enough to realise she considered it a compliment.

“So what exactly can I do for you?” he asked reaching her chambers and helping her to the chair by the window where her embroidery sat.

“I want you to save Dawn” she admitted quite openly.

“Pardon?” he asked for a minute thinking he’d misheard.

“Marry her Danson” the old woman begged, “Marry her and save her from Gabriel”

“I… im not sure Daniel would allow it” he reasoned.

“There are ways” she decided, “I know it’s not your usual practice your far too honourable a man for that, but in this case do you not think you could make an exception?”

“Lady Silverhand, I … Dawn is a lovely girl… but?”

“Is this about Ailana?” Annabella asked.

“Ailana? No” he replied having honestly not considered her for an instant. “I was honestly thinking about Daniel”

“Daniel isn’t fit to rule” Annabella decided, “I try and stay out of things, but I’ve watched him tear my family apart. It’s not his fault… he’s always been…. Easily led, he’s a worrier… a good boy at heart but not a king do you understand?”

“Your highness…. I’m not sure we should be having this conversation” he replied suddenly feeling the need to find an exit.

“it’s Sophie she isn’t good for him…. She control’s him, he just isn’t himself”

“Daniel is a good man” Danson reasoned.  “He means well”

“Yes.. I know” Annabella nodded, he could see the conflict in her eyes. She loved her son unconditionally and it had taken a lot for her to come to him. “Danson… I need you to marry Dawn. Do you understand?”

“Yes” he nodded.

“You’ve thought about this before haven’t you?” she asked. “The suggestion isn’t new”

“It has been made before” he agreed, remembering how Dawn had arrived in his door just a few days before “I just didn’t expect it from you”

“I will make sure Daniel gives you her Dowry” she reasoned.

“It’s not about the money”

“Then what is it?”

“I would just rather it came from Daniel” he reasoned.

 “Danson. I’m making it an order” Annabella instructed firmly. “You do still follow my order’s don’t you?”

“Yes of course, Your highness…. But Daniel he has an arrangement and my orders should come from him”

“Did he order you to eat breakfast this morning?” she reasoned.

“No of course not”

“And has have actually ordered you not to marry her?”

“Well no”

“Then my order stands” Annabella decided. “Come to the chapel at midnight… I’ll have witness’s … a priest.. we can tell Daniel whatever you like… but I think your own honour will sit better if you know you have god’s blessing”

“Lady Annabella… this is … verging on treason”  he reasoned.

“No this is mercy” the old woman decided. “Please do this for me and I swear you will have my unconditional support from this day forward”


One response to “Danson is asked.

  1. Holy moly. Annabella! You … WOW. Talk about girl power.

    However … there’s the problem of Sophie. She’s going to know that this is happening. The question is, will she try to stop it? I hope not. Dawn deserves a hell of a lot better than Gabriel.

    But what will Gabriel do if he doesn’t get Dawn? *worries*

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