Daniel takes an unexpected path.

“Awww this is your fault!” Sophie complained suddenly standing from her needlework. “You put the idea into peoples head”

“What are you talking about now” Daniel sighed, he was fed up of being blamed for everything, even more, because most of the blame came from his wife.

“Danson!” she explained seeming irritated “I knew he was going to be trouble. I tried to distract him with Ailana and now you’ve ruined everything”

“What about him?” Daniel asked.

“Your mother! She’s arranging for him to marry Dawn tonight!”

“What… she can’t … I mean … haven’t given permission” he mumbled.

“No she can’t” Sophie agreed, “You need to stop it”

“Why me?”

“You’re the king” Sophie reasoned, “Beside this isn’t just about Gabriel… think of Ailana?”

“What about her?”

“Ailana is…. Very fond of Danson, it will break her heart”  Sophie explained. “And Danson is fond of Ailana … this is unfair on them both their paths should cross”

“Perhaps Dawn will make him happy”

“She won’t” she reasoned.  

“How can you be sure?” he reasoned. “Did you follow the path, do you know she won’t make him happy?”

“I didn’t follow Danson’s path too far” She admitted “his most likely path led him to Aliana and he would make her happy.  I knew there was a chance that it would go this way … but I focused on Gabriel and his path only shows two options. Dawn or Maegan”

“Sophie I’m tired of your paths…. “ he sighed and wasn’t that the truth of it.

“Think about Maegan?” she pressed.

“Sophie I can’t worry about Maegan, surely there are other paths?”

“No” she pleaded. “If you let Dawn marry Danson, Christopher will be shot from his horse and Maegan will be forced to marry Gabriel instead”

 “How is it your so sure this will take place?” he asked.  His understanding was that Sophie did not so much see the future as played a game of probability.  She could not predicted the exact future she merely could see the possibility’s and likely hood of them occurring.  This it seemed allowed her to tip the scales in her favour and manipulate the likelihood of paths becoming reality. At least on path’s she had the power to effect.  “Surely there is still chance to change it?”

“It’s hard” she reasoned seeming upset and frustrated. “It’s not easy to change Gabriel’s paths…. He has a couple of dominant ones and it would extremely hard to knock him off them”

“Then we must try” Daniel decided.

“No!” Sophie sobbed. “They aren’t likely. There are many likely paths that lead to a result of Gabriel getting one of the girls and only a few unlikely paths where he doesn’t”

“But there ARE paths where he doesn’t?”

“Yes of course” she reasoned, “But at what cost?”

“Cost!” he scoffed “The cost is already too high, if I end up feeding either of my nieces to that monster”

“Not monster” she whimpered, “hurt upset …. Not monster… Dawn WILL be good for him, she bring back some of his goodness”

“Sophie the cost is too high” he reasoned.

“Please Daniel, let me stop the wedding…. Think of Ailiana, think of Maegan … please”

“No” Daniel reasoned, standing and heading to the door he turned the key in the lock. “We are going to stay here till morning and tomorrow we will deal with Gabriel together. Tell me, did your paths tell you I would do this?” he asked suddenly interested.

“No” she admitted, “You took a path I didn’t expect”


One response to “Daniel takes an unexpected path.

  1. I was going to say at first … I figured the odds of Gabriel going after Maegan would dramatically increase the odds of Gabriel winding up in an early grave. But I guess that doesn’t work if he makes sure Chris is dead before he goes after Maegan.

    Well, I’m glad Daniel finally grew a backbone! And this shows that Sophie isn’t infallible if she wasn’t expecting him to do this. So there could be a way to get Gabriel to not kill Chris or rape Maegan. As for Danson and Ailana’s happiness … well, we shall see.

    And we’ll see if Sophie actually sticks by her promise not to go and stop the wedding.

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