Deonte puts his foot in it.

“Come and give yer mam a hug” Clara grinned as Deonte entered the lounge with Wilham in his arms. “And give me a squeeze of that grand-babby”

Deonte smiled, “Merry Christmas, ma” he replied obliging her, after he’d settled the baby on her knee.

“Arh he’s getting big” Clara smiled, admiring the baby “What you feedin him Brit?”

“just the usual Britany” chuckled, “Though I dare say the twin’s stuff into the poor thing anything they think them can get away with”

“And where are the rascal’s?” Clara asked peering around looking for the boys.

“Their outside ma, they found a young man tearing around outside”

“That’s Paige” Clara informed them, “A young man yer brother to took in to help about the place though I dare say he eats more than he earn’s”

Deonte chuckled he could tell by his mother’s tone she wasn’t concerned. “So who is he?”

“Just a boy from the Village, his ma hit hard times when her husband died.  So Lysander offer to take him in… he’s a good boy really”

“That’s nice, Is Taye here?”

“Not yet” Clara replied “I dare say she’d got her hands full at the moment… she’ll be here for Christmas dinner that’s all that matters. So how are you?”

“I’m good ma” he nodded.

“He lookin after you?” Clara grinned looking over towards Brittany.

“Yes Clara of course” Brittany nodded, “I’ll go and see if Ebony needs any help in the Kitchen”

“Alrite love”

Watching as his wife left the room, he sighed. He always felt strangely relieved when she wasn’t around. 

“As bad as all that?” Clara noted.

“Don’t start ma” he warned, “So is Kaiden or Helena coming over fer Christmas?”

“Kaiden’s got his own family in the mountain’s now” Clara replied “And I haven’t heard from Helena, I Invited her but I guess it’s a lot of effort trying to get them all from Brightden without a wagon”

“Is Helena alright?” he asked, “Haven’t seen her since I last worked the Brightden estate and she looked tired”

“She’s alright” Clara replied “Lifes hard but she’s alright… Lysanders tried to help them but Stephan’s a proud man, its good he wants to take care of his family himself”

Deonte nodded, he could understand the man’s desire to take care of his own business. “It’s a shame Lysander couldn’t have taken in one of Helena’s lads. Given him a trade… I mean it’s good he took in the kid from the village, but would have been nice to help family”

“Aye well I’m sure if he thought there was any chance of Lord Baeumont letting one of the lads of the estate he would have”

“Aye I’m sure he would” he agreed.

“Still I might nip over after Christmas see if I can help” he decided. “Brittney made some sock’s fer the kids Christmas anyways”

“Did she? That’s nice of her” Clara smiled “She’s a good girl”

“Aye she is” he smiled.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothin ma, why do you always think there is something wrong?”

“Cause there is always something wrong. I don’t know what’s wrong with you lad. You’ve got a great girl, but you’re still livin under a cloud”

“Don’t be soft” he argued, “’I’m happy why can’t you just leave me alone?”

“Because you’re not happy, you make believe at bein happy, but you aint”

“Bah” he grumbled, “keep your nose out”

“I’m your mother” she smiled “It’s my job to keep my nose in your business”

“Well I wish you wouldn’t” he decided. Why wouldn’t she leave him alone? He was content, wasn’t that enough? He and Brit got on just fine, they hardly ever fought. The kids where loved, taken care of and they were financially stable.

He and Brittany were just two entirely different people.  She wasn’t a bad person and neither was he… but if all was said and done they were just not two people who would have ended up together if love had been allowed to take its course.

“I just want to see you happy” she reasoned.

“Well do you know what ma; you wanted to see me married, with a family. I did that. I am happy enough I love them…… “

“You love the children” his mother interrupted irritatingly.

“And Brit” he reasoned “I like her well enough she takes good care of me”

“But you don’t love her … well not as a man should”

“You have no idea what you’re talking about” he retorted.

“She’s right” a voice called from the hallway, looking over he spotted Brittany standing there.  His stomach lurched. “It’s alright” she added “He looks after me Clara. He’s as finer man as I’ve ever known, he don’t love me.  That’s alright he does for me, what counts”

“Brit… I”

“Don’t” she stopped him, “All I wanted was a man who’d take care of my boys.  You do more than just take care of them.  You love them and they love you. That’s more than I ever expected”

“I like you well enough” he reasoned feebly.

“I know you do” she replied. “It’s enough”


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