Vincent Makes A Move

When Skye was finally bought into the room with Vincent she had somewhat lost her fight for all her bluster and name calling when she’d been first bought into the build she was at the end of the day little more than a little girl, scared and frightened.  

He had always had a soft spot for the feisty little girl, Lars had raised her tough but not even Lar’s training had prepared her for the inquisition and now all she could do was cry.

Vincent could feel the anger inside him well, he fine clothes dirtied and ripped, the side her face smeared with blood and muck evidence of less than gentle treatment  she had recived at the hands of her captor’s.

They did not care that she was simply a child,  treating her no differently than they had he.  Not caring that she didn’t have claws or fangs, not caring that she could not defend her self. Only caring that she was different… no not even that … caring only that she was ‘potentially’ different.

They called him a monster…  they where the monster Vincent decided. How was it that God blessed these men?  it shook every viber of his humanity… if this was indeed god work then he did not want any part of it. He did not want any part of a god that permitted such atrocities on a child.

“I’ll get you out of here” he promised, whispering across to where the little girl hadn’t even seemed to notice him though her tears.

“Baron” she sniffed, “What are you doing here?”

“I…. they … captured me too” he replied and that was when he noticed it. The hunger … he’d purposefully not fought back when his captures had beaten him, conserving every ounce of energy he had so that when it was time he’d have enough strength to do what was needed. But with the demon in his head stretching to get out he knew he was starting to run out of time.

Having finished chaining Skye to the wall beside him on of the guards grabbed her roughly by the hair, jolting her head back he laughed at his friend. “Its amazin really” he jeered “you’d never know ter look at her that she was a demon”

Skye didn’t respond she only cried.

“Aye, that’s the thing with these… what makes em so dangerous. Hidin in plain sight… killing decent folk … pah but we got this one pegged eh?” he grinned, poking out at her with the tip of his sword, hard enough that screamed with the point pierced the flesh of her shoulder”

“let her alone” Vincent growled, feeling his blood boil up inside him.

The two men turned to face him, “Oh aye what’s it got to do with you?”  The first replied.

“Anyone would think he cared for her” the second chuckled.

“Nar… everyone knows Vamps hate wolves”

“I just think you should be paying more attention to the one that’s going to kill you that’s all” he hissed.

The second chuckled again as though he thought the idea amusing, “Oh I and you think yer gonna be the one to do that?” he dared.

“Oh I’d bet on it” he retorted.  He’d wanted to wait until he was sure their leader was here, killing these men now achieved little it was there leader who was the true threat. However for as much as his brain told him to wait his heart needed to protect Skye from the evil of these men. “However” he hissed “Not before YOU kill your friend

He watched with satisfaction as the mans eye’s glazed over, the sword still in his hand he plunged it onto the stomach of his companion.

“What…. The…” injured man gurgled and the colour drained from his face “It ain’t possible”

“Wrong!” Vincent hissed, “The collar is painful, it makes it exceedingly difficult to concentrate. However it does not make it impossible….” Snarling he turned back to the first man who by now had a look of shock on his face having realised what he’d just done.

The man took several steps backwards dropping the sword. “I’m not finished with you yet” Vincent insisted. “Release me

One response to “Vincent Makes A Move

  1. Vincent to the RESCUE!! *does happy dance* Now get Skye out of there and go help Chris!

    And, seriously, get Risa and her vampire drones to attack wherever the Inquisition is hiding out. No matter how it works out, you’ll solve one of Grimstead’s problems!

    By the way … where is Sophie in all of this? Wasn’t she desperately trying to prevent the Inquisition from showing up?

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