Vincent Is Held

Vincent’s head lolled, it was evening but the contact with the blessed metal at his throat drained him of all strength.  The hunters had taken no chances his feet and hands where bound likewise by blessed silver chained and two guards watched over him at all times.

The found the searing pain as the metal burnt his flesh oddly comforting, it reminded him of what he was. Dissipating the illusion’s he had dreamt up over the past couple of months of having a normal life.  It reminded him of the evil within him and prepared him for what he must do.

This was not a story that would end well, at least not for them. One might have been forgiven for thinking he let himself be captured purely for the sake of Anya but this was much greater than her.

He and Siren had always known the hunters would come, Risa was creating far too much of a ruckus for them not to turn up eventually.  While they had hoped they would keep quiet enough not to be noticed, they had also hoped the hunter’s arrival would draw out Risa’s master from hiding.

However it was clearly not to be, Marcus’s stunt had seen to that and now there was a change of plan’s.

Hunter’s came in many variety’s, there where almost as many types of hunters as there where clan’s of vampires, they ranged from Village yokel’s with revenge on their mind and no real training to the brainwashed more organised troops of the church.

These where the latter….

Vincent like all vampires of any reasonable age had run into the inquisition before, he knew a little about their organisation and a little about their motivation.  

The inquisition where a church led organisation, which seemed to be building in power at a worrying speed. The inquisition where charged with dealing with heretic’s of all variety’s anything from the simple mortal none believers right the way upto and including every supernatural creature on the planet.

Traditionally however the inquisition where mortal and while there where organised they still for the mortal.  A few year’s ago however Siren had encountered another ‘hunter’ who like this groups leader called upon his faith and it granted him power.

It was a new and worrying turnaround for Kindred everywhere, no-longer where they dealing with mortal men with mortal swords. In the last few years it seemed they had begun to gain backing off god himself … blessed weapon’s had begun to crop up and now seemed even blessed men.

The inquisition where getting more organised but more worryingly they actually becoming a threat. For years he and Siren had stayed out of their way because it was simply ‘easier’ but over the last few years Siren had become increasingly worried about drawing their attention.

She was scared, he didn’t know why but she clearly knew something he did not and this was truly why Vincent had let himself be captured.

It was possible he could have killed the many back at the house, once he was dead killing his mortal troops would have been a simple matter but sometimes when you had a problem you had to get to the root of it.

It was a risky move but he was reckoning on the fact that these hunter’s had never encountered a Kindred as powerful as him, that he’d be able to take them by surprise. 

However not everything was going to plan…. There was a scratching, deep at the back of his head.

Mentally exhausted, hungry and weakened by the bands that bound him, the daemon in his head was making it’s play for freedom. He’d intended to get rid of it months ago but he’d done a foolish thing when he had taken it, he’d taken it not really knowing how to remove it again. 

Siren had books and he’d hoped they would help him but they had offered him nothing in the way of answers, the reason he hadn’t removed it yet was simply because still didn’t know how.

Its presence was normally nothing more than an annoyance but now as he grew weaker it gained strength and he knew if he did not make a move soon it would be too late.  

Suddenly a scream pierced the air …. Quickly followed by profanity’s that should not leave a mouth so young.

“Skye!”  Vincent  growled recognising the voice.

One response to “Vincent Is Held

  1. SKYE?!?!?!?! What the hell is she doing there?!?!

    Oh crap oh crap oh crap …

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