Valdermar Acts

He was not a good man, he decided … he was inherently selfish but perhaps his greatest weakness was his own cowardice. Perhaps he was getting wiser … or perhaps he was simply getting old but it occurred to him now that most of his downfall’s could be contributed to cowardice.

He lost Holly the first time because he was not a brave enough man to stand up to his mother and he would probably lose her for a second time because he was not brave enough to stand up to his sister.

As the days rolled on and Holly’s stomach swelled he felt more and more ashamed for the actions of his life. Perhaps she was indeed a ‘good thing’ for him she kept him on the straight and narrow but as the days rolled on he found himself finding it increasingly difficult to look her in the eye.

He was not a good man, he decided he was only able to act it because of her unwavering belief in him.  Would he still be a good man when she was gone? She wanted it, she asked for it but would her be capable of upholding his end of the bargain when the ground took her.

Indeed, was he even a good man now? She believed it … but how much did she truly know? Her being a cripple certainly made it easier to hide the truth from her. She had few visitors and he made sure Hannah did not speak of what was going on in the villages to her. 

He was fairly certain she knew nothing about vampires or demons … killings or the bloodshed that went on outside his walls. She knew alittle about their financial situation, she knew they were struggling and that money was tight but even that could be hidden from a cripple unable to pry into a man’s affairs.

It could be said, he was able to keep his wife in a sheltered bubble so yes it was easy to convince her he was indeed a good man, but it was become increasingly impossible to convince himself.

He was not a smart man, but he was smart enough to know that what he witnessed tonight was the work of pure and untainted evil…. His sister was evil and he was evil for keeping her safe hiding her and covering up her mess. It had gone beyond simple estate management issues she was no longer simply killing off his population making his estate difficult to manage she was quite literally killing him.

His sister needed stopping and he needed to stop her …. Not only for his estate or for his soul but simply so he could be the man he promised his wife he would be.

At their last meeting Baron Dacre had asked him to do something… he’d asked him to watch his sister, track her follow her whenever she left the house.  He said he believed she worked for someone … possibly her creator but more than likely an even more powerful vampire than that.

He’d asked him to find out who this vampire was and where he could be found.  Valdermar had begun to follow his sister weeks ago and had truthfully it had not been all that hard.  His sister did not leave the house often other than to feed and there had only been one occasion where she’d done something different.

Following her had been a simple matter as she made no attempt to hide. He’d followed her all the way to a house on the outskirts of town where he’d watched her meet with the largest man he’d ever seen.

He had listened quietly in the shadows from outside the window while the pair had discussed their next move. He had not understood most of what they said but it was clear they were searching for someone, someone they believed was hiding in Grimstead someone who had been settled here for some time. 

His interest however had been really peaked when they began discussing ‘the wolfs’ and ‘Vincent’ he mentioned ‘keeping them distracted’ with the something called the inquisition so he could get into the ‘castle to someone called Siren’ He wasn’t sure what any of it meant but it at least seemed important.

However it certainly hadn’t been what the Baron had asked him for so he’d delayed in passing it along. He had no real information about who this large man was or where he could be found and when and so he’d filed the information away in the back of his mind until now.

Now he was desperate he needed his sister gone… he hoped the information was enough to get the Baron to help him.


One response to “Valdermar Acts

  1. If wanting Holly to believe he’s a good man makes Valdermar act like a good man … then I think we’ll take what we can get out of it. Besides, as Dumbledore said, “It is our choices, far more than our abilities … that define who we really are.” Valdermar can always make the choice to do the right thing.

    Even if he was damn slow doing it this time! Still, you can’t blame him for not going immediately to Vincent with the information when he didn’t understand what he was hearing and had no reason to think it was relevant.

    *bites nails for Siren and everybody else*

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