Arabella Corner’s Maegan

“Are you happy now?” Christopher hissed towards the young kindred.

“Not especially” Arabella responded.

Christopher shook his head in frustration before heading off after his young wife.

Watching as men came around the corner blocking the young lords path, she considered momentarily helping him but watching he seemed capable of defending himself, at least against the foot troops, the girl however was not.

“Bloody humans” Arabella hissed, she was going to get herself killed. The house was still swarming with inquisition.

 Arabella though perhaps not brightest of kindred was not fool enough to think the man leading this group was the same man who’d captured Vincent. “Damn it” she cursed, this was the last place she needed to be right now …. In a house filled with men trained to kill her.

Huffing disgruntled she cursed one last time. She didn’t especially care for the human girl but Vincent would be angry if he found she’d let her die. 

Sprinting towards the rear of the house and our though the rear door, he speed such an advantage the humans she passed would not even see her. Reaching the yard, she scoured the rear of the house.

Where did foolish children go when they were upset? The bedroom with a slam of the door was the most likely in normal conditions, but not even the young princess was not foolish enough to think her bedroom was safe… she’d hide the question was where?

Spotting the stables …. She realise it was a location as likely as any. Christopher had once said she loved to ride, her horse would be kept in the stables it was as likely as any Arabella decided.

Dashing towards it she tucked inside. “Maegan!” she hissed, “Damn it girl, you’re going to get yourself killed”

Maegan didn’t reply but scanning the stall’s something told the young woman her guess had been right the young girl was here somewhere. “Maegan!” she hissed again “This is not the time for drama… get your pretty little backside out here”

Still there was no response but a small sniffle caught her ears.

Maegan get here NOW”  Arabella hissed, she did not have Vincents ability to command people to dominate them to his will but Arabella did share the ability to summon human creatures to her and that was what she did and against her will Maegan was forced to comply quickly appearing in the hay loft and climbing down the ladder. “We need to get you somewhere safe” she hissed.

Maegan trembled, but stood defiantly “I don’t want to go with you” she whimpered.

“Would you rather die?”

“No” Maegan agreed.

“Then stop this idiocy and come”

“Not until you tell me why?”

“Why? Why what?”

“Why does he prefer you” Maegan trembled.

Arabella paused, yes she could probably force the young girl to come with her.. hell she could probably lift the girl and throw her over her shoulder as easily as a sack of feathers and carry her away kicking and screaming the whole way.

 Suddenly she paused for the first time feeling some pity on the girl. “Because you don’t satisfy him” she replied, “It isn’t your fault… you married too young”

“But… but I let him do… what he wants” she whimpered.

“He doesn’t want you to LET him” she sneered “he wants you to want him”

“But I do I love him” Maegan replied, not seeming to understand what she meant.

 “You can’t understand” Arabella decided, “You’ve been ruined, he wants you desire him to tear off his clothes and push him down on the livingroom floor… you never will. Satisfy yourself with the fact that he loves you above all others, that’s cares and protects you, just accept there will always be certain things he needs from another”

“Do you love him?” she asked.

“Don’t be absurd” Arabella hissed.

“Does he love you?”

“Have you not been listening” she reasoned, starting to grow frustrated. She’d forgotten how needy young girls could be… Anya was one thing, but Maegan was something completely different. “No he does not love me, he loves you… he will always love you.  Just accept that he will always need other woman.. if not me then someone else”

Maegan nodded, her eyes brimming with tears and Arabella found herself suddenly tempted to poke them out.  Just so they didn’t stare at her so pathetically any longer.


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