Maegan Learn’s Too Much

Weaving through the corridors, Christopher half dragged Maegan along. He needed to get out of here and quickly.  He didn’t know who the men were but he was smart enough to guess.

Moving though Maegan’s chambers he swerved around her bed and towards the door to the servants quarters. With a little luck they could make their way down the back of the house and towards the backdoor.

Just as he reached it, it flew open with a smash. “So predictable” A large man sneered, as he entered blocking the path.

Moving himself protectively in front of Meagan he pushed her aside, “Don’t hurt her” he begged

“I won’t” the man agreed, “If you give yourself up willingly”

“I will” he nodded, “I’ll go with you”

“You’ll die” the man corrected, “The lord himself can judge you for your evil”

“You came here to kill me?” he asked, he didn’t know why he even asked part of him he supposed had hoped he’d merely come to take him prisoner like he’d done Vincent”

“I have no use for a mortal man, who deals with unclean beings the man sneer… now, say goodbye to your pretty young wife”

Peering backward his options where limited, he considered for a moment attacking the man but as he did he noticed men circling around and coming up behind Maegan.

“Don’t try anything foolish” the man warned.

Suddenly there was a blur of movement and there was a sudden explosion of red, as the mist faded Arabella came into view her hand clutched triumphantly around what seemed to be a soggy lump of flesh.

“Call for your god now” she hissed, as Christopher realised the man she had torn the man’s throat clean out.

Stunned the man’s soldiers suddenly burst forwards towards her … towards them all, but there was a second blur and within seconds Arabella had burst into action and had killed them all. So quickly and effortlessly one would have thought them made of air.

Still clutching his throat the leader stumbled forward, not yet realising he was already dead he fumbled for his weapon his hands slick with blood the sword tumbled from his grasp before he finally fell dead.

Shocked and stunned he turned to Maegan “Are you alright?” he asked.

“You might well ask if she’s alright” Arabella sneered, “A thank you would be nice”

“Thank you” he nodded turning back to the young woman, shaken but otherwise unhurt “How … how did you know?”

“I didn’t” she replied “Which is interesting ….. I would have thought Isabel would have warned me considering”

“Then why where you here?” he asked, regretting the words as quickly as they left his mouth.

He knew exactly why she was here and judging by the look upon Meagan’s face so did she. “Why are you here?” the young girl asked.

“I was passing though” Arabella responded.

“Though my husband’s chambers?” The young girl demanded, seemingly obvious to the gore and blood. Not to mention to the fact that she had just seen a man’s throat torn out in front of her.  

Christopher’s heart sank; the kindred had no reason to lie to the young girl. She seemed neither the type to worry about appearance , his marriage or his young wife’s feelings.  As predictably as anything the young woman merely smiled. “Perhaps” Arabella agreed.

Maegan’s face dropped, turning to look at him she looked as hurt as he’d ever seen her.

He braced himself momentarily for the torrent of abuse or the tirade he deserved, but instead she said nothing but three painful words before running from his sight. 

“I hate you”

2 responses to “Maegan Learn’s Too Much

  1. Maegan, you idiot! Don’t run away from him now! You could get yourself killed!!

    In other news, YAY Arabella for getting them out of that one! I’m always in favor of Grimstead characters remaining alive, even if it means their marriages are ruined. Well, unless they’re jerk characters.

    One quick question, though: “‘I was passing though’ Isabel responded.” Do you mean Arabella?

  2. Doh yeah it was Arabella

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