Christopher Finds Himself Charged

Christopher sighed and headed down the stairs, Raeanne was refusing  to leave and she had now started to make a scene. While he had no interest in speaking with her he had to admit he was now beginning to wonder if this was more than just wanting to make amends. 

“What’s going on?” he demanded reaching the bottom of the stairs. 

“Oh Chris!” Raeanne exclaimed as he came into sight. “Is Skye here?” 

“I have told her she isn’t” the steward interrupted. 

Ignoring him Christopher shook his head, as his sister looked pleadingly in his direction. “No I haven’t seen her, she’s just a child… how would she make it all the way out here?” 

“I don’t know” Raeaenne admitted, bursting into tears “I just hoped…. Oh Chris she went out playing this morning and she hasn’t been seen since” 

“Have you checked Fraymont?” he asked “I know she sometimes sneaks out into the village to play with the other children” 

“Do you think I would come all the way out here, if I hadn’t already checked Fraymont” Raeanne snapped “Of course I’ve checked Fraymont, Father has his men scouring the estate” 

“I’m sorry she isn’t here” he replied, the sinking feeling in his stomach turning into a tight ball in his stomach  “I’ll get my men to on it” 

“Oh Chris what if someone has taken her” Raeanne asked, “What if someone found out what she is….. “ 

“What do you mean?” he asked, turning to his steward and indicating for him to leave. 

“You know exactly what I mean!” she exclaimed, “I’m not completely dense” 

“You… know?” he asked warily. 

“Yes of course I know” she snapped, “I lived in that cabin for years … I know Lar’s would like to think it’s the world’s best kept secret but trust me even I’m not quite that naive” 

“Oh” he nodded “And what makes you think I know anything?” 

“Christopher!” she hissed exasperated. “I know, you know! I don’t pretend to have it all worked out or to know exactly what’s going on … but im not an idiot… I know about Lar’s , Vincent… even Orion… at least I know something.  Now are you going to stop flailing about like an idiot and help me find my daughter or not?” 

“Yes of course” he nodded quickly, he didn’t know why he was so surprised, the supernatural did seem to be Grimsteads worse kept secret. 

Suddenly was a yell  from the courtyard quickly followed by the clash of metal on metal. Running to the window he witnessed a dozen or so armed and mounted men entering his courtyard making quick work of his men. 

Mearly an average solider Christopher was neither foolhardy or stupid enough to think about facing them when his soldiers could not.  “Quickly” He panicked, ushering his sister towards the door “Head to the back door … go and hide” 

“What about you?” his sister begged. 

He replied only one word. “Maegan” hoping that was answer enough as he charged up the stair’s eager to get to his wife before the intruder’s did. 

Sprinting up the stairs he found Maegan still in her nightgown in his room she looked awestruck out of the window. “Chris what’s happening?” she whimpered. 

“I don’t know” he admitted, grabbing her all too roughly before dragging her towards the door that led to her chambers. Hoping from their they could enter the servants and down though the house and escape.  Passing his sword along the way he scooped it up. 

Suddenly a voice boomed,   “Lord Vaux!” it called “You have been charged with consorting with unclean forces, worshiping the devil and dealing with creatures not of this world.  Come accept your fate and no-one else need get hurt” 

“Chris!” Maegan whispered the fear and panic clearly written on her face. 

He froze unsure what to do … he’d seen enough to know he could not defeat the men downstairs.  Running was his only hope… but run where and for how long?


One response to “Christopher Finds Himself Charged

  1. Oh … something that I won’t say on your blog.

    Run, Chris! Grab Raeanne, run fast and get Orion! … Maybe Valdemar could convince Risa to send her vampire legions against the Inquisition? I mean, no matter how it worked out, at least Grimstead would be rid of one problem.

    *bites nails*

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