Allard Reasons The Barons Case

As the day wore on Anya became more and more determined that she needed to know everything there was to know.

She’d be lying if she said that Isabel’s conversation had not got her thinking. The thing was she was not the brightest of young lady’s she was merely average at her lessons and when it came right down to it she didn’t understand much about anything beyond being a noblewoman.

She knew nothing of politics’ or much about the world outside Grimstead, in fact all she really knew about good and evil was what the bible taught her.  She’d spent much of the day flicking though a large leather bound copy of the holy book hoping for answer’s but had somewhat drawn a blank. There were no easy answers no simple solutions nowhere in the hold book did it state “Vampires are evil” there were a scattering of vague text’s about not eating blood and fangs being knives but the more she read the less certain she’d become.

Heading into the parlour she found Allard, newly woken after his daily sleep, if anyone could give her answer’s perhaps it was Allard.  The idea of asking the vampire for anything still filled her with dread, however she tried to remind herself that if he’d wanted her dead she’d have been dead week’s ago.

“Good Evening Anya” the steward smiled.

“Evening” she nodded nervously.

“A little bird tells me we have news?” he smiled broadly, broadly enough that she could see that there were no fangs, at the least none that she could see.

“Don’t you have fangs?” she asked.

He chuckled, “Only when I need them”

“Oh…” she nodded.

“So is it true that your pregnant?” he asked.

“I think so” she agreed, “At least I’ve been sick”

“Could that not just be worry?”

“No” she shook her head, “it started… it started before everything”

“You didn’t tell Vincent?”

“No” she shook her head again “they say you should wait till the baby moves and it’s too early for that”

Allard nodded seeming to understand, “Well for what it’s worth I’m pleased” he smiled. “You’ll make a fine mother”

She could feel herself welling up again, the weight of those words almost too much to bare. A mother? A mother to what some bastard without a father … raising it alone, where? Oh she knew her father would take her back that she would be safe and cared for but what would she become … Raeanne she had always wanted so much more than being a nanny.

“Oh Milady” Allard declared, “I’m so sorry this has been such a difficult time for you”

“I don’t know what to do” she admitted, letting a couple of tear’s trickle down her cheek.

“Milady if you will just help us get Vincent back… there are so many options open to us. I know he will respect your wish’s. If you want to leave, we’ll help you.  We can tell people whatever you want and if you want to stay well then that would make all of us very happy”

“Stay and be what?” she asked “A cover … a lie … what?”

“That’s up to you” Allard decided, “Though I suspect Vincent would like you to stay as his wife”

“How can I be his wife?” she scoffed “He isn’t even human”

“Tell me where in the bible it says he needs to be” Allard smiled.

“Well… I … I can’t” she reasoned “but still…. “

“Milday” he cut her off “If I may, answer me these questions”

“Alright” she nodded.

“The bible stats a man should provide for his wife does it not? Keep her safe warm food in her belly and roof over her head. Would it be your agreement that the baron has provided these things”

“Yes” she agreed “But… it also..”

“Shhh!” he commanded, “Does it state in the bible that a man should love his wife as much as he loves his own body?

“Yes” she nodded.

“Well Milady, as he loves you far more than he loves himself then I would argue he is overstepping his mark as a husband on that respect” he chuckled  “However does it also state that the husband is the head of the family and his decisions should be based on the needs of the family?”


“Milady the simple fact is he made decision’s based on what he believed where for the good of the family. He sees you as family and he told you the truth as soon as he thought you able to accept it”

“How could I ever accept it?” she murmured.

“I don’t know” he agreed. “but I think we’ve agreed that he has upheld his part of the bargain. He wants to be your husband Milady I just hope you have the love in your heart to see past a minor inconvenience such as him being dead” he chuckled. “Now if you don’t mind I really need to go and eat”

“But I have questions” she insisted. “Can I come with you?”

 “Come with me?” he asked clearly baffled by the notion “I’m sure Milady wouldn’t really want to bare witness to that?”

“Everyone keeps trying to convince me that it’s not wrong, not evil. So show me?” she begged. “Show me what it is to live his life? Show me so I can understand?”

“Very well” Allard agreed, “I just hope you aren’t squeamish”

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