Christopher Change’s The Plan’s

“Chris!” Maegan exclaimed as she headed into the dining room the next morning “Cook tell’s me where having Christmas dinner here?”

He grunted, it was about all he could manage the night before’s alcohol still pounding on his head. Looking up Maegan’s face turned from chirpy to sulky as she quickly realised it wasn’t a mistake.

“Why Chris?” she asked, “I thought we were having dinner at your fathers….. he’s… were having Carol’s” she reasoned feebly.

Christmas… he grumbled, if anything Christmas had only highlighted how childlike she could be there was barely any difference at all between the excitement of Maegan and Skye.

“Can’t we dance here?” he reasoned though he already knew it wouldn’t be good enough.

“On our own?” she pouted, “It’s no fun to dance alone….”

“I thought you liked it” he reasoned.

“yes… but … but it’s Christmas … its just the same” she reasoned, “Why aren’t we going to your fathers? Did you have a fight?”

“We’ve…. Had a disagreement” he agreed, the alcohol may had fuelled the outburst the night before but even in the morning light he still blamed his father for this.  

This wife was broken… he wasn’t sure in fact who he was more angry with, his father or himself. A better man wouldn’t care, a better man would love her anyway, but every time he considered the thought of just letting it be. Loving her and letting her love him… despite certain lacking’s an  overwhelming panic stuck him. Yes a better man would accept that his wife would always be a disappointment in the chamber but for him it beyond contemplation… it was important. At least it was important to him.

“What about?” she asked.

“Nothing it doesn’t matter” he sighed.

“Chris whatever you’ve done? Go and apologise” she insisted.

“Me!” He scowled, not appreciating the assumption. “you immediately jump to the conclusion this is my fault?”

“Well…” she winced, “It usually is…..”

“Well it wasn’t this time” he growled.

“Then what is it?” she asked “What did you fall out about now?”

“I don’t have to tell you everything” he hissed back a little too sharply.

Her upset was immediate, tear’s suddenly brimming she burst into tears.

“Im sorry Meg’s” he reasoned, finally managing to bring himself to his feet “I didn’t mean to shout”

“I don’t want to spend Christmas here” she whimpered as he pulled her into his arms. “Please Chris can’t we go to Fraymont?”

“No Megs we can’t” he reasoned more softly, wiping away the stray tear’s on her cheek “Please just trust me…. It’s better to spend it here”

“But… but I made a little dress for Matilda” she sniffed, “I want to go to the party, please Chris can’t we just go to the party?”

“Please Meg, don’t make this hard on me” he asked.

“But… I want to go” she protested, softly “it’s Christmas… we should spend it with family don’t you think?”  

 He sighed racking his brain’s for an answer. “I know” he smiled “Why don’t we ask Lar’s and your mother if we could spend it with them?”

“I suppose it would be better than nothing” she pouted. “but it still won’t be the same… there will be no party! And Lar’s… he’s…. ” her voice trailing off.

“Oh Meg’s” he sighed, knowing exactly what she was thinking. “You just don’t know him that’s all”

“I don’t want to get to know him” she grumbled.

“Duncan will be there it will be nice, don’t you miss him?” he asked, understanding that while Duncan had been given the opportunity to get to know and accept Lar’s, Maegan never really had.

She had never said it but he suspected the young girl found the large and somewhat overbearing man intimidating… or more accurately down right terrifying. Not to mention the fact that in many ways like many teenage girls she blamed her stepfather for stealing her mother away and being sent to boarding school.

“Actually I think I’d rather stay here” she decided suddenly.

“Actually the more I think about it, the more I think spending Christmas with your mother is a splendid idea” he decided.


One response to “Christopher Change’s The Plan’s

  1. Even if I’m not in favor of Maegan getting the rug pulled out from under her … a conversation with Kaitlyn might be a good thing for Chris. I was about to ask if Chris could invite Lars and Kaitlyn to his place, but given that they’d be bringing Duncan and Duncan is still an alternate heir to the throne … no, that would be bad.

    Still, this seems like a good idea. And what about giving baby Matilda the dress as an Epiphany gift, if they’re back in time? :)

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