Christopher Accuses Orrick

“You broke her” Christopher half growled and half slurred as he stumbled into his fathers lounge.

“Christopher your drunk!” Orrick sighed, “What in heaven’s name have I done now”

“You broke her” Christopher announced, “You never trust me… you always think you know what’s best, but in this case you were wrong”

“Would you like to enlighten me?” Orrick asked, watching as his son half stumbled half ran upto the chair to meet him.

“Maegan!” he explained… “she.. I .. “ he began the words coming out all of a jumble.

“Perhaps you should go and sleep it off” his father suggested, his words thick with disapproval, “tell me in the morning, If you can even remember what I’ve done by then”

“I’ll tell you now” he reasoned. Christopher knew he was drunk the half bottle of port washed down with a bottle of brandy had seen to that.  

After Arabelle had left he’d spent some time thinking over what she had said and at first he had dismissed it as some sort of trick to win herself some favour.  However later that evening he’d gone to his wife, guilty and feeling somewhat forlorn over what he’d done. 

He wasn’t sure at first why he had gone to her, at least he’d thought that it had been to remind himself why what happened with Arabelle could never had happened again. However it had served to prove how right the vampire had been.

He’d made so many excuses for his wife’s behaviour, she young, inexperienced even that her experiences at the hands of Lord Hamdun had left the mark.   The minute he kissed her this evening he knew them for what they were, excuses.

Arabelle was right… he’d broken her.  She no-more understood what lust was than she understood what it was to feel the gnawing hunger of starvation.

She kissed him but it there was no true feeling behind it …well perhaps there were some, he decided but not the right ones. He might as well be her father he decided. She loved him … for the protection and kindness he showed but it wasn’t the same… she didn’t want him, need him. Not the way he needed her.

“Damnit” he cursed, throwing down the bottle he was carrying so it smashed against the stone floor.

“Christopher!” he father barked. “What the hell’s going on?”

“You broke her” He growled, “Is that what happened to mother… did you break her too?!”

“Enough!” his father growled. surprisingly calmly considering the mention of Lynette “Did something happen to Maegan? Is she hurt?”

“Hurt?!” Christopher pondered, was she hurt? Did she even realise this wasn’t how it was supposed to be? He doubted it. Would she miss it? Did she realise there was more to marriage…. No he didn’t suppose she did. “No she isn’t hurt”  he decided realising then how much his words slurred.

“Then go to bed and sleep it off… come and talk to me in the morning” his father offered.

“Why?!” Christopher asked, “Why do you never have any faith in me?” he begged, “too young I told you she was too young and yet you pushed and pushed…. You… no we… we broke her”

Orrick sighed, “What’s going on Christopher?”

“Forget it” he hissed, what was the point his father would never understand.  Turning he headed back towards the door, practically stumbling  into his sister as he went.

“Chris what you doing here?” Raeanne smiled.

“Don’t you talk to me” he growled knocking her out of his way “I don’t want either of you to talk to me again”

“Chris what’s going on?” Raeanne demanded as she chased him out into the courtyard where he’d left his coach and driver.

“Forget it” he hissed, crawling up the steps as best as his drunkenness would allow, shaking her off as she tried to help him.

“Chris please” she  begged “Is Maegan alright?”

Dragging himself off the floor of the coach he poured himself into the seat. “Maegan’s fine” he growled. “Well as fine as she’s ever gonna be now that you and my father have finished with her”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I mean she was too young, too young more marriage, too young for men and now… she broken”

“Chris you’re not making sense” Raeanne argued.

“Tell her you love her! That’s what you told me… well I did…” he slurred, “and you were right… it got me into her bed. Why Ann… Why didn’t you just tell me to give her more time?”

“Did something happen?”

“Yes!” he declared “No…. I mean… yes…. Well … no… I guess…. She lies there ann.. she waits for it to be over like it’s a duty”

“I don’t understand?”

“Forget it” he hissed, “You’ve caused enough trouble…my wife can’t stand for me to touch her… and everyone’s fault but her’s”

One response to “Christopher Accuses Orrick

  1. Aww, Chris. :( Of course he’s completely drunk. He seems to have lost hope of Maegan feeling for him the way he feels for her.

    I however, haven’t quite lost all hope. (It helps that I have not consumed a bottle of brandy and half a bottle of port, or whatever the proportions were.) There has to be some way to fix this. Where there’s life there’s hope, right? Maybe if Chris backed off a bit from Maegan, gave her some space, let her grow a bit, it might rekindle sexual desire? Or it might not. *sigh*

    They will definitely need to have some adult conversations, though. Somebody needs to tell Maegan that it’s ok to have desire and yes, to act on it. Somebody needs to start chipping away at all that nun brainwashing. *sigh* And Kaitlyn’s busy this week. Damn! ;)

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