Asha and Faulke Disagree

“I’m so glad you made it” Maud smiled as Faulke guided Asha though the door to his home.

“Thankyou for having me” she laughed as the older woman scooped her up in a warm embrace.

“How are things at home, with your father and his wife?” Maud asked guiding her into the kitchen “I bet that baby of theirs is due soon isn’t it” 

“Oh she had it, yesterday” Asha grinned “A girl Claire”

“Oh that’s wonderful, Christmas babies are always the best” Maud grinned “So Mother and baby well?”

“As well as can be expected after a half day of labour” Asha agreed.

“I bet seeing that baby’s got you all in a flap hasn’t it?”

“It’s very busy” Asha agreed.

“No silly girl, I mean I bet it’s got you thinking about your own” Maud chuckled.

Asha paused, it was an odd thing she decided. In the last day it was amazing how much of the attention she’d been getting. If it wasn’t Daisy thrusting Claire into her arms for ‘practice’ it was the hundred and one suggestions that somehow seeing Claire was making her wishful for her own.

The thing was she was hardly a stranger to babies. She’d been seeing to her brothers and sisters since she herself had been very little.  So why was it now, all eye’s where upon her as though overnight she’d begun to crave one of her own?

“I know he is” Maud chuckled pointing at Faulke, who suddenly blushed red be made no effort to deny it.

That was when she suddenly understood. Of course everyone was looking at her this was the first baby born since she and Faulke had started courting. It was bad enough people kept asking when they intended to wed but she realised then things where now suddenly going to get worse.

Asha managed an awkward smile as she realised Faulke eagerness to marry was no in fact limited only to getting a ring on her finger and her into his bed, but as his mother suggested babies where indeed already on his mind.  She let out a small sigh in an effort to calm herself.  

“So have you two thought about when you’ll marry?” Maud smiled eagerly.

“As soon as she’ll have me” Faulke grinned, coming up behind her and putting his hands on her waist so he pull her to him.  She loved it when he did that, his firm hands showing his strength, letting her know he was there and that he wanted her.

Honestly there wasn’t much not to like, Faulke was a decent man, strong kind and supportive. Not to mention the fact that he only had to remove his shirt to make her weak at the knee’s.

She laughed uncomfortably, “I guess we’ll just see how it go’s” she decided, wishing everyone including Faulke would stop being in such a rush.  

Admittedly there where occasion’s when she felt the need to rush. They were usually occasions when they were alone in her room back at Gabriel’s castle. Occasion’s where she wished they didn’t have to stop for decency’s sake and sometimes she even wished Faulke wasn’t such a gentleman.

To Faulke their eventual marriage seemed a certainty and undeniable inevitability and if she’d let him he would have thrust a ring upon her finger weeks ago. She understood that he’d had his eye’s on her for a while but honestly until Alice had told her she’d not considered him as a potential suitor. So for her everything still seemed a little bit of a rush.

Taking her bag’s upstairs she settled on the bed, she liked it here Maud was friendly and Faulke always seemed more relaxed in his own home. 

Maud had a very proper sense of decency and the rules had been carefully laid out in advance. She could stay, but in separate rooms  and if they were ever in either bedroom the door needed to be firmly propped open.

The old woman didn’t mind them holding hands or Faulke putting his arm’s around her but the moment a kiss lingered a second too long a little cough would warn them sharply.

“Sorry about my ma” Faulke apologised, heading into the room after her. “She’s eager for grand kids that’s all”

“You seem eager yourself” she smiled weakly.

“You’re not?”

“I…. I’m not sure” she admitted. “There’s a war coming, it doesn’t seem like a good time”

“The war doesn’t concern us… there are people better equipt to deal with it, like Vincent my father”

“Me” she interrupted.

“Don’t be playing the mage card on me” he grumbled. “Don’t put our lives on hold for a war you don’t need to be involved in”

“I am involved” she reasoned, “We can’t expect them to ignore me because I choose to settle down and start a family”

“Can’t we?” he growled, “This farm has been warded fer years there’s no reason to believe they will find us”

“So you suggest I hide?”

“Why not? It’s a supernatural war it ain’t nothing to do with us”

“I’m supernatural” she retorted, “Do you expect me to stand around and let my friends and family die?”

“I didn’t say that” he defended feebly, “I want a family and I don’t want you to get hurt”

“I need to help can’t you understand that?” she reasoned, half touched by his concern and half mad at it at the same time.

“No Asha I can’t, If where to marry I want you home” he decided, “I ain’t havin my wife fightin a war”

“I haven’t agreed to be your wife yet” she hissed. “The way you’re going I won’t either”


One response to “Asha and Faulke Disagree

  1. Trying to keep Asha out of this war would be like … trying to keep winter out of Buffalo (New York — look up Blizzard of ’77 to see how bad it can get. No, it’s not normally that bad, but still!). Ain’t gonna happen, even if I can see why Faulke would want to keep her out of it. Nobody wants someone they love on the front lines of a mage + vampire + werewolf war.

    On the other hand, I can’t help but think that Asha is using the upcoming war as an excuse to push the wedding date off. Whenever Faulke seems to try to hem her in too much, Asha tries to make a break for freedom. I think those two are going to need some long chats about power-sharing and the like before anybody puts a ring on anybody else’s finger. Or “thrust” a ring on anyone’s finger (strong vocab choice there. Hmm …).

    And on the other other hand … Faulke, I hate to tell it to you, but there’s no way you’re staying out of this war. I understand you probably don’t know about Vincent yet, but your family is under Vincent’s protection, you’re Lars’s son, you want to marry Asha … they will find you, and they will get rid of those wards. Trust me. You’re in this whether you want to be or not.

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