Isabel reason’s matter’s of Evil

Anya woke with a start to find something heavy resting on her belly, her eye’s flicked open to find a shock of red curls and the child like form of Isabel curled up on the bed her head resting on her stomach.  

It was dusky at the window as the sun was going down, still light enough to see but not light enough it seemed to harm the creature sleeping beside her.  

Panic rising she considered for a moment the likelihood of her easing the little.. ‘girl’ off her and creeping from the bed, but just as she decided to try the small child stirred and stretched.

“Good Evening Mummy!”

“Evening” Anya nodded as she felt the colour draining from her face.

“I couldn’t sleep” the little girl chirped, “So I thought I’d come and talk to the baby, you don’t mind do you Mummy?”

 Remembering what Allard had said about humouring her Anya managed a slow shake of the head. “You know about the baby?” she dared.

“Of course!” the little girl grinned, “My grandpapa told me”

Nodding Anya managed a weak smile, she understood enough to know she often refered to the baron as her father but she dared not ask who ‘grandpapa’ might be.

“Why are you mad at father?” she asked her red curls bouncing as she moved onto her knee’s and stood precariously on the bed. “wooo” she grinned as though she was scared she might fall.

Instinctively Anya held out her hand to steady the little girl the way she might with Skye should try to stand on an uneven surface, freezing with sudden fear when the girls ice cold hand took her’s.

“Thankyou Mummy!” the little girl grinned, beginning to bounce the same way she’s seen Skye do a thousand times.  The apparent glee in her face as innocent as anything she’s ever seen. So inncent in fact that she had to take a minute to remind herself exactly what the creature was.

But as suddenly as the bouncing had started after a while it stopped “So why are you mad at Father?” she asked again.

She considered lying for a moment, but Allard had warned her against it. Isabel could read her mind like a book and lies would not be taken well. “Because he didn’t tell me what he was” she answered honestly.

“You don’t like us?”

“I don’t know you” she replied.

“Do we scare you?” the little girl asked momentarily, before tossing her legs in the air and landing on her bum beside her.

“Yes” Anya nodded.

“Why?” Isabel asked, her attention suddenly completely Anya’s.

“Because… I guess.. I think your un-natural. Evil…I guess”

“Evil is a very BAD word!” the little girl pouted.

“It’s still what you are” she reasoned.


“Because you are”


“Just because”

“Because isn’t an answer” the little girl reasoned her logic infallible.

“You kill people”

“Your papa killed people” Isabel reasoned.

“Because he had too” Anya retorted.

“Belive that if you want” the little girl shrugged.

“It doesn’t change what you are” Anya scowled.

“Evil is a very bad word” the little girl repeated again, “Perhaps you should understand it before you hurl it around like some ignorant peasant”


 “My Point” the little girl hissed, as all her childlike qualities vanished in an instant “ALL creatures are capable of it…. Even … YOU!   I would even go so far to say that some of the most immoral and evil of all people have been Christian’s”

“That not true!”

“In fact” the little girl declared “I would argue that God himself is THE most Immoral and evil of all”


“Then explain to me how is it, God’s law declares that we MUST love him. That without our obedience and love we will cast us out into the pits of Hell. Tell me Mummy.  What sort of daddy tell’s his children that if they don’t love him and obey him, he will abandon them to an endless torment? Better yet what sort of Daddy, punish’s his son by forcing him to walk the earth for a millennium feeding of blood of innocents”

“I don’t know what you mean” Anya mumbled as she found herself pushed down back into the bed as Isabel half climbed on top of her.

 “It’s quite simple…” the little girl grinned “I’ll accept my inherent ‘evil’ when you accept that any God capable of making me. Is equally fucked in the head!”

2 responses to “Isabel reason’s matter’s of Evil

  1. WHOA. That kid certainly has a way of putting things!

    And it’s really hard to argue with her logic, too. Which is probably why philosophers/theologians/people with lots of strings of letters after their names have been arguing over the problem of evil for thousands of years and will continue to argue over it for thousands of years to come.

    … And all of that is in a world where vampires don’t exist (we hope) …

    I hope Anya thinks about this, though, I really do. What the Inquisitors did to her, to ASHA, to Vincent is not Christian by any stretch of the imagination! Anya really needs to stop arguing “because” and start thinking. This doesn’t mean that she would give up the right to be angry about how she was treated … just that she needs to, well, think a bit more.

  2. Wait a minute … now that I think about it … I’m agreeing with the sociopath. Is there something wrong with me? ;)

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