Anya is lost

The sun had risen and the vampire’s had left Anya to her thoughts. She was exhausted and hungry but otherwise unharmed.

Wandering the house she didn’t feel like a prisoner at least not the sort kept behind lock’s and bar’s. Perhaps it was merely that the creatures knew she now had no-where to go and no-one to take care of her or perhaps they simply didn’t care.

She’d considered briefly getting the stableman to prepare a coach and running home to her father. Telling him everything and letting him sort out the mess, but something deep in the pit of her stomach had stopped her.

Peering around the door of the kitchen all was quiet save for Eva who seemed to be busy making bread. “Morning Milady” the blond girl nodded seeing her.

“I guess it is” Anya replied, though it felt an odd sort of morning, her head hazy having still not yet slept.

“I don’t suppose they fed you?” Eva asked, attempting to smile but miserably failing to hide the impact of the past few hours.

“No they didn’t” she agreed.

“Typical they, never think about us needing to eat… you’d think Allard would know better since he’s not been changed that long”

“I think Allard was somewhat distracted” she replied.

Eva nodded, “Allard, care for Vincent a lot” she agreed, “he’ll worry for him till he’s back safe”

“Do you think he will?”

“What Milady? Worry?”

“No… the baron, do you think he’ll be home safe?”

“Oh yes Milady” Eva nodded, “Isabel wouldn’t go to the effort of helpin if she didn’t think it was possible. It ain’t her nature to involve herself otherwise”

“Isabel scares me” she admitted.

“An quite rightly so” Eva agreed, “Isabel scares us all, even Vincent. He say’s there’s somethin not right in her head. Suppose can’t blame her bein trapped in a child’s body all these years, an she’s Malkav to boot … she was never gonna turn out rite I guess”

“Malkav what’s that?” Anya asked, suddenly interested. She hadn’t been in the right mind to listen to what Vincent was trying to say when she’d last seen him and when she was with Marcus all she’d wanted to do was avoid at all costs any talk of Vampires.  

“It’s… hmmm… now how to explain” Eva pondered, “I guess its like her Family line. Like you’re a Vaux…they are all abit crazy… powerful like in their own way but Vincent say’s when yer turned by a Malkav a few screw’s wriggle lose, it don’t matter how sane you’re to begin with”

“Oh” Anya nodded.

“It ain’t just that though” Eva reasoned, “Vincent says the older ye get the harder it is to keep the human bits of you alive. Isabel never cared much for bein human I guess. Vincent says she doesn’t deal with human’s often anymore so she forgets how the feel”

“Except to feed” she added grimly.

“Aye I suppose” Eva nodded, “still Vincent says she’d on the same page as him and Siren in that respect, she ain’t like some of them killing all the while. Vincent says she has followers who let her feed just same as him…. Well perhaps not quite then same, she certainly ain’t scared of getting alittle blood on her hands that’s for sure… but you get the point”

“So who does Vincent feed from?” she dared, the thought turning her stomach.

“Most in the house” Eva nodded.


“Aye sometimes” she smiled, “I don’t mind it doesn’t hurt and he’s always careful”

“You just let him?” she baulked.

“Of course” Eva nodded, “he’s my friend”

“Does none of this bother you?”

“I used too, but when you learn whats out there you can’t just go back to knowing nothing. Well you can if Vincent wipes yer memories I guess” she giggled. “But no.. I guess I’d rather know”

“Don’t you fear for your soul?”

“No milady I guess I don’t. I speak with Father Hugh quite often. He know’s about Vincent and he says the bible teaches forgiveness and if anyone deserves it it’s Vincent. He knows what he is milady, but he fight’s the evil in him.  I think if God doesn’t let him into Heaven then I don’t want to go there either”

“So you willingly damn yourself?”

“No milday, I just that I think God’s more forgiving than the Inquisition would have us belive. Vincent’s a good man, he causes a lot less evil then many men so I hope God will show a little of the forgiveness he preach’s when it comes to him”

“You talk of him like he’s a saint” she sneered.

“He ain’t a saint, he makes bad decision’s like the rest of us… a lot of them when it comes to you I’d wager but he never meant to hurt anyone”

“You don’t see what’s in my dreams” she reasoned. “He isn’t a saint there that’s for sure”

“He’s done bad things, he won’t pretend he hasn’t a lot of them when he was younger when he couldn’t control the blood like he can now. But all men do bad things even good men” she replied. “He’s sorry fer them though an at the end of the day, isn’t that what counts?”

“You haven’t seen what he did” Anya shuddered.

“I guess I ain’t” the young girl nodded.

“I don’t even know why I see it” she whispered, “I wish they would go away”

Then perhaps you should speak to Isabel” Eva replied “she’s the one that put them there.. I don’t begin  to understand why she did it, but I guess she had her reason’s…perhaps she’ll take them away again if you ask?”

“Is… it safe?” she asked. “Asking Isabel?”

“It ain’t never safe to deal with Isabel” Eva decided, “She’s a funny one but she’s taken an interest in you that’s fer sure. I guess if any ones safe it’s you”


One response to “Anya is lost

  1. I wouldn’t ask Isabel. I’d rather deal with the nightmares than with requesting Isabel to take them away. Something tells me she would just make them worse, just for the halibut.

    I like Eva. She seems like a sensible soul, and Lord knows Anya needs some sensible people in her life right now. For instance, people who will make sure that the pregnant woman, you know, eats.

    I’m also glad that Anya is sticking around Vincent’s estate — I really don’t think she would be safe with her father. That is, safe from the Inquisition. Orrick himself I’m sure would do everything he could to make sure she was safe and well-cared for, but, well … the Inquisition wasn’t exactly a song-and-dance number.

    And that song is stuck in my head AGAIN!

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