Duncan walk’s in on a private conversation

Duncan walked into Alices room without thinking.

Well that wasn’t strictly true… he’d meant to knock but when he’d heard her talking, he’d suddenly felt something rile up inside him. It was absurd really she could have been talking to anyone her father.. his mother one of the other Garou but instinctively he’d known….

Bursting in the door flew open far more aggressively then he’d intended, but he suddenly stopped dead in his track’s to find Alice perched on the end of her bed pulling her nightgown over her head.

Shrieking she hurriedly covered herself but not before Duncan caught an eye full of all she had to display.

Dazed he stood motionless, eye’s as wide as saucers.

“Duncan” she hissed “People knock”

“I heard you talking” he explained, hurriedly… it had supposed to come out as an explanation, a reason as to why he’d assumed she’d be decent, but as soon as he said it he realised she been talking to HIM…. She’d been naked talking to HIM!  “You were talking to him” he growled.

“So?” she glowered back clearly not understanding the problem.

“You where naked and talking to him!” he hissed.

“He can’t see me!” she protested, “Besides what does it matter?”

“It matters!” he declared. “It matters greatly, what where you talking about anyway?”

“He was reading me a story” she explained, “Not that it’s any of your business”

“It’s weird!” Duncan hissed, “Don’t you think its weird him always in your head?”

“He isn’t ALWAYS in my head” she retorted, “And no I don’t think its weird, its sweet.. I like his stories and it has NOTHING to do with you… so get out”

“Do you … like him or something?” he asked the words sticking in his throat. Farid was weird…. Farid was really weird, he wasn’t even hansom, infact he was kinda gangly and awkward. He didn’t understand how any girl could possibility like him, he was the sort of boy that only got a girl friend when all the pretty girls where gone. A short fat spotty girl with ginger hair and bad teeth. Not a girl like Alice… no boys like that, did not get girls like Alice.

“So what if I do?”

He could scarcely believe what he was hearing “No!” he protested feebly “You can’t.. I mean .. I’m so much better at fighting than he is. I bet he can’t even ride..”

“He can too ride” Alice glowered, “At least he isn’t an ass.. a selfish jerk and at least when he says he wants to me my boyfriend he means it”

“He said he wants you be your boyfriend?!”

“Maybe!” she replied defensively “Well … maybe not yet, but if he does at least I’ll believe him”


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