Christopher has a visitor.

Christopher peered into Maegan’s room, it was late by the time he’d returned from his fathers estate and she was sleeping soundly.

The urge to check on her strong, he headed towards the bed. She seemed peaceful, if she had not seemed so perhaps he would have considered waking her but instead, he simply pulled the blanket’s up around her and kissed her forehead lightly before heading towards his own room.

His feelings for his wife confused him. He loved her and cared for her above all others. It had taken a while but he could now say with all confidence his feeling for her where stronger than those that lingered for Brittany.

She was beautiful, funny and intelligent and growing into quite a lady.

He paused, there it was… she was ‘growing’ she had not yet ‘grown’ and there was the crux of the problem.

In many ways she was still a child and he often felt more like a father than a husband and while she seemed to return his affections he was not often sure she saw him as a man in the sense a woman should see her husband. 

Her current obsession with baby’s reminded him somewhat of a child playing house, she wanted the baby but he wasn’t convinced she wanted one for the right reason’s or even understood what it would mean for them. It didn’t matter he supposed, it was what people expected, its what people like is father where waiting for.

Besides more importantly she certainly seemed to have no interest in the activity’s that most couples enjoyed when attempting to start a family. He was beginning to realise the happiness she’d displayed when they had first took their relationship to the physical level had more to do with the feeling of being wanted and feeling grown up and less to do with any desire she might have for him.

Closing the door to his bedroom so it clicked loudly he froze as he realised his wasn’t alone.

“Arabelle?!” he whispered somewhat shocked to find the vampire standing by the window to his room, looking out across the grounds.

Vincent had done his best to keep them separate since, there ‘incident’ and he instinctively knew if she was here something was wrong.

“Is it Anya?” he asked. “Did you find her?”

“Anya’s fine” the vampire replied, turning to face him. “She’s at the manor safe and sound”

The hair’s on the back of his neck prickled, Arabelle was normally so composed, so cold.. but her face showed signs of distress and for the first time she seemed somewhat human.

“Vincent’s been taken” she explained, “Marcus is dead… others too”

“I’m sorry to hear that” he nodded “Is there anything I can do to help?”

“I loved him” she decided her voice somewhat weak. “I didn’t show it… I … I was … scared”

Christopher nodded, though he found it hard to imagine the fiery kindred being scared of anything. “How did he feel about you?”

“I think he felt the same”

“I’m sure we’ll get him back safely” he reasoned.

“Not Vincent” she explained, suddenly realising he’d assumed she’d meant the vampire. “Marcus”

“Oh” he nodded.

“You look surprised” she noted, “Do you think it’s not possible for us to love?”

“I don’t know, I hoped you could for Anya’s sake” he agreed. “I guess I just assumed….”

“You thought Vincent was more capable than me?” she asked.

“I guess” he nodded, feeling oddly guilty. Suddenly he found her next to him, so fast it was thought she’d teleported clear across the room, her lips pressed against his he found her willing him to respond. Instead he stood there oddly awkwardly, too dazed to react.

Pulling away she gave him a needy glance. “I disgust you?” she asked.

“Your cold” he admitted, finding himself somewhat conflicted.

“I’ll warm up quickly” she promised, kissing him again as her icy fingers slipped beneath his shirt and onto the bare skin beneath.

Pulling away, he took a step backwards. “My wife she’s next door” he murmured.

“Then lock the door” she urged.


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