Orrick tells Christopher how it is.

“I can’t” Christopher protested at the suggestion from his father that he take Emily home to The Hallow’s after the new years. “She and Maegan don’t get along”

“I’m sure Maegan can learn to get along with a child” his father reasoned, while Matilda sat on the floor at his feet tugging on her father’s trouser let trying to get his attention. Peering down Orrick smiled at the little girl before scooping her up and settling her down on his lap. “There’s papa’s big girl” he cooed“Emily is only a year younger than Maegan, she doesn’t see her like a child. She see’s her as a rival” Christopher growled frustrated, his father seemed to have lost all grip on reality since Nicole’s death. As the week’s went by he seemed to spend more and more time ignoring the fact’s of Emily’s misbehaviour.  

“Nonsense, your wife is a married woman she has no reason to get into conflict with a young girl”

“Maegan is thirteen!” he snapped “And Emily torments her”

 “Christopher she is your sister!” Orrick scowled.

“She is your daughter” he retorted, “I’m not here to take on every problem you have, first Anya now Emily”

“It’s not as if I haven’t taken on a few problems of yours!” his father growled, “Finian cost me a barn full of grain don’t you forget”

Christopher sighed knowing it would do know good. As if he didn’t have enough to deal with. Maegan was already acting oddly.. it was like she’d recessed back into a child. Not to mention Anya was still missing, he couldn’t even consider how he was going to explain that one. The last thing he needed was yet another teenage girl to deal with. As it was he was starting to feel somewhat more like a school teacher than the lord of a manor.

 “Emily needs some time, attention a good friend… don’t you think a friendship with Maegan might do them both some good?” His father reasoned.

“I’ve told you they don’t get along” he protested, despite the fact that it was becoming increasingly clear that his father didn’t care either way.  

“Maegan hardly knows her… they need time that’s all”

“They have had time, they do spend time in each other’s company now and again”

“Emily is just acting out at the moment, she’ll settle”

“She’s acting out trying to get your attention”

“You used to say that about Anya”

“Yes perhaps… but Anya was just wilful, Emily is….different … she’s hurting after Nicole and she needs you”

“She has me, I’m here aren’t I?” his father glowered clearly upset “Can’t you do this for Raeanne she can’t be expected to deal with everything. She can’t cope”

“You have no idea what Raeanne is able to cope with, besides since when have you had her best interest at heart”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I mean she still hurting after Wolf and you treat her like a common nanny”

“She is glad to help”

“I know, I just think she needs to start making a life for herself and Skye” he reasoned.

“She has a life” Orrick reasoned, “Besides I tried to organise a matching for her with Sir Shieldsmith”

“Which just show’s how little you know her” he reasoned.

“There was a time, she would have found Danson quite the gentleman”

“Exactly” Christopher “There WAS a time… that time is not now… she is not a teenage girl with fantasies of castles and prince charming”

“Then what exactly is she?”

“A young woman, rotting away the best years of her life.. Doing a job you should be doing” he growled, wondering if in truth his father actually knew any of his children very well. He didn’t deny that his father cared or that in comparison to many noblemen we was quite the model father, but the truth was Orrick was and had always been a busy man and while his heart had always been in the right place he’d never had time to truly get to know any of them.

“What do you mean by that?”

“I mean the longer you let her hide behind family, the less she is to take her own future seriously”

“I thought we were supposed to be talking about Emily” Orrick growled, clearly not liking the the subject.  

“FINE!” Christopher snapped “Well in my opinion, Emily would not be acting out nearly as much if her father paid her some attention”

“And what do you know about being a father?” Orrick hissed. He fell silent it was an argument he couldn’t hope to win, his father was right WHAT exactly did he know about being a father?

“I just don’t think the solution to Emily’s problems, are sending her away” he reasoned. “she needs her father, you barely pay any of the girls any attention since Nicole … well all except Matilda who you are barely separated from… of course Emily’s acting out. She wants your attention and she feel’s pushed out.”

“She’s a baby she need’s my time” Orrick hissed.

“Emily’s a young girl and she needs it too…. And she’s jealous” Christopher reasoned.

“Since when did you have all the answers?” Orrick growled. “I don’t see Brenna acting out this way”  

“Brenna is far too busy tripping over herself trying to be perfect, but it’s for the same reason, trying to get you to notice them”

“I notice them” his father growled, so loudly Matilda who’d been drifting off to sleep jumped and started to cry. “Look what you’ve done” his father hissed, glowering accusingly, “I ask you here to do me a favour and all you do is upset the baby”

Christopher sighed heavily. What the girls needed was some parental guidance but all they seemed to get was shoved from one Nanny to the next and while he couldn’t deny Raeanne was a better choice then the hired help he couldn’t help but feel she had her own issues to deal with.

For a moment, he considered suggesting his father re-marry for no other reasoned than stability for the girls while perhaps adding some sort of normality back into their routine. However  with Nicole’s death was still so raw, he knew any such suggestion would only be met with horror and outrage.  

Accepting the inevitable he sighed deeply “Very well” he grumbled, “I’ll take Emily after the new year”


One response to “Orrick tells Christopher how it is.

  1. And yet, Orrick is still the best (living) father of the first generation of Grimstead.

    … Ok, maybe that’s not saying much. There wasn’t much wrong with Henry or Drystan. Really, I’m only comparing Orrick to Aldun, and … yeah.

    I think Chris might have a bit of a point, but I’m worried about Matilda with Emily in that house. Hurting an infant is serious. That might be a cry for help, but it’s more than just a cry for attention. Emily needs some sort of intervention, stat.

    Unfortunately, just moving her out might not do it. And I worry about Maegan with her. Maegan’s going to get steamrolled. Somehow those nuns never taught her how to stick up for herself, which both does and doesn’t surprise me.

    So good luck Christopher and Orrick — you’re going to need it!

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