Isabel ask’s nicely

Anya sat in an odd state of awe and fear, she oddly no-long felt threatened the three powerful creatures stood no so far away discussing plan’s for rescuing the baron as none of them seemed to bare her any heed whatsoever. 

It was strange listening to them, Allard was un-usually tense which she put down to the predicament but it was clear there was no love between him and the red haired child. In fact he seemed to view her with an odd sort of contempt and loathing but likewise seemed to fear her enough to hide it as much as possible.

Arabella also seemed fearful and respectful of the child and Anya who knew nothing of vampires aside story’s found it odd to watch grownup’s in such awe of a child. 

Strangest of all was the child herself. She seemed to frequently slip back and forth from adult to child conversations seeming oblivious to the transitions. 

One minute demanding that Arabella pay attention and threatening to feed her to her ghouled dog the next minute she’d pluck a story book from thin air and beg then blond haired vampire read her a story. 

The one things that struck her however was how much each of the gathered seemed to set aside their differences in order to organise the Baron’s rescue. In all her days she would not had thought it possible for demon’s to care for each other. 

Suddenly the child span to meet her gaze. “So mummy can you take us to where you met the hunter’s?” she demanded. 

“I….” she stuttered. “No…. I can’t” 

“Can’t or won’t” the little girl demanded, her red ringlets bouncing. 

“Won’t” Anya agreed nervously.   

“Don’t you want to save Daddy?” it smiled, despite her prayers that it would not ask why. 

“I….can’t.. I won’t help you” she murmured. “My soul is damned enough” 

Suddenly the creature moved, where she had been a good distant away barely moments earlier Anya found the girl suddenly on her lap pushing her down into the chair while she giggled above her. “You’re damned already mummy” she explained, “You deny your heart, but it does not deny you. You love him mummy, your heart tells me” 

Anya struggled trying to push the little girl off, but for a small child Anya suddenly found her exceedingly heavy. “I don’t” she sobbed, “I don’t…. he’s a demon, your ALL demons” 

“Oh mummy!” the little girl purred, her face so oddly innocent it made the whole thing terrifyingly creepy. “Perhaps we should make your Daddy Caine too… then perhaps you wouldn’t hate us… then .. then you would really be one of the family” 

Anya didn’t know what the little girl meant exactly but as if bared it’s fangs and came towards her she got a good idea.  “No… “ she begged. “No please… im pregnant” 

The creature paused, it’s head tilting oddly. “Mummy… YOU HAVE been naughty!” it scolded. 

“Isabel!” Allard called sternly, “Vincent wouldn’t want this” 

“Oh but Uncle Allard!” it pouted the way she’d seen Skye do a hundred times when she didn’t get her own way. “I don’t her want us to hate us. I think she might like us if she was one of us?” 

“Perhaps” the man agreed, “But not like this…….it should be her choice …. besides… if … if she…” his voice trailing off as he wrestled with the words that threatened to choke him. “Vincent certainly wouldn’t want harm to  come to that” 

The little girl huffed, as though resigned. “It’s not harm! It’s BETTER”  she insisted. 

“The… baby then” Allard insisted, “It’s all that’s left of my son” 

“FINE!” she exclaimed, her sudden insistence disappearing as quickly as it had arrived “Will you please tell us where Daddy is?” she asked sweetly.

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