Arabella Show’s Weakness

“Where is he?” Arabella growled as Anya found herself flung up against the wall. 

“I don’t know” the young woman whimpered, once again terrified as all pretence of it being human faded and the creature bared it’s fang’s “They took him” 

“Holy men?” the creature hissed, the blondness of her hair suddenly revealing how pale and dead the young woman actually looked. 

“Yes” Anya nodded, “Please don’t kill me” she whimpered. 

“I won’t” Arabella agreed lowering the young woman so she once again found her footing beneath her. “But not because you don’t deserve it, but because he… love’s you” she hissed as though the words stuck in her throat. 

“Your.. you’re not like him” Anya noted something about the woman terrifying her in a way the Baron never had. 

“No I’m not” the young woman agreed, slamming her up against the wall again for good measure “If it was my choice I’d kill you….. but he wouldn’t want that, but I hope you realise this is all your fault?” 

Anya nodded, confused scared once the Baron had put the collar on it was though the hunter had lost all interest in her. He’d got his men, bundled the baron into a wagon and headed on his way. The Baron hadn’t even attempted to resist. 

“Damn it, I knew this would end badly” Arabella hissed, finally letting go completely. 

Anya considered for a moment running away but having witness the blur of speed that had been the young woman’s arrival she knew enough to know she didn’t have a hope of getting away. So instead she settled herself shakily into a chair trying not to vomit as body parts from the inquisitor’s men still littered the floor. 

“Human’s are nothing but trouble” 

“Us?” Anya borked without thinking, “You .. you are the ones who… feed? Who kill?” 

Arabella paused, staring back at her oddly. “So what do you suggest, we kill ourselves?” 

“Why… why not?” Anya murmured, “Your ungodly” 

“Shut your mouth” Arabella hissed, “Naive little girl, You’ve caused enough trouble. Where are Allard and Marcus?” 

“I haven’t seen Allard, but Marcus is dead” she replied finding her hand instinctively going to her belly and the child that would never know it’s father. 

She watched in horror as the young woman’s eye’s widened, “Dead?” the vampire hissed. 

“Yes,  I’m sorry” she apologised, realising enough to know that somehow that meant something to the creature. It’s face showed all the sign’s of shock and horror and if she’d not known better she could almost have believed the young man had meant something to her. 

“More things that are your fault” it hissed, seeming to try and compose it’s self from the shock of the news. So much of it’s demeanour reminded her of the way her father acted when it came time for him to take control of things after her mother’s death.  Like she was teetering on the edge of losing control, scared to show weakness and yet so clearly on the verge of breaking down, if she didn’t know better she’d almost imagine it was about to cry.   

One thing however was very different to her father and that was the way its eye’s lay the blame firmly on her shoulders. She understood enough to know it seemed to wrestle with the instinct to come towards her and rip her head from her shoulders.     

“I’m sorry” she whimpered again, not really understanding how or why it was the creature cared for Marcus. 

“Stop snivelling” Arabella hissed, “You’ve already killed a man, least you can do is help me save Vincent” 

“Save him… I… no I can’t” 

“Damn it, where is Allard?” the young woman growled frustrated, launching herself into a seat opposite. “ALLARD” she screamed… waiting as though she somehow expected the vampire to suddenly appear. She glowered across the room,  “If he’s dead as well, so help me I’ll rip your pretty little face off” Arabella threatened. 

Suddenly a voice came from no-where. “Arabella!” it snapped childlike but firm “There is no need to scare mummy” 

“Isabel!” The Vampire suddenly exclaimed straightening in her seat as the red haired child from Anya’s dreams suddenly entered the room. 

“What happened?” the young child demanded with enough authority for Anya to know, she wasn’t human either. 

“The inquisition” Arabella explained hurriedly, seeming terrified of the little red haired girl “Marcus is dead, Allard too … I think… he doesn’t come to my call” 

Anya’s stomach was in knot’s she was scared and confused, the blondes reaction had been almost human. Anger frustration but above all that she had seemed genuinely scared and upset at what had happened.. 

“Allard is safe… When will you learn?” the redhead hissed, “Sire or not you can’t overwrite Vincent’s commands. You’ll find him in the basement where Vincent commanded him to stay” 

“That’s good” Arabella nodded, seeming relieved “What now? They captured Vincent” she asked. 

“No they didn’t” the little girl reasoned, “Vincent went with them willingly” 

“What?? Why?” 

“To save her life” Isabel replied turning her attention to Anya, “The question is mummy. Was your life really worth saving?”

2 responses to “Arabella Show’s Weakness

  1. Yay, Grimstead’s back! I’ve missed my (almost) daily fix!

    First off, I’m gonna be harsh. Anya is starting to annoy me. I know finding out your hubby’s a vampire and your crush is a ghoul etc but Anya is starting to be a little too snivelly for my liking.

    So Marcus really is dead? I’ve been hoping that he’d survived somehow but then again, everyone meets their maker someday. Still sad though.

    And that last line was mega-creepy! I love Arabella and Isabella (wow similar names. Never noticed) even though they’re both incredibly creepy.

    Still hoping for everything supernatural at least to come together and scare off the Inquisition. I don’t know if it’s going to be that easy. Although at the moment, due to these so called holy dudes, half of Grimstead is doomed anyway so who knows.

    Sorry for the long comment. I am in analysing mood tonight.

  2. Yeesh! I don’t find Arabella creepy at all. She’s a remarkably human vampire, what with the grief and the fear and the rest of it. Now, those Inquisition dudes? They’re creeping. Isabella-the-sociopath? She’s creepy.

    And how the hell does she know so much?

    And I’m not too terribly annoyed with Anya either. She has basically been put through the ringer ever since Peter got his grubby, disgusting, thank-God-he’s-dead paws on her. She barely has time to get over the first crisis before she’s lurched into the next one. I guess Vincent really should not have been honest with her yet, but hindsight is 20/20 and all that.

    Still, the Inquisition … what a show … GAH! I’m going to shut up before I break into a song-and-dance number, complete with synchronized-swimming nuns.

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