Persia Reflects

So this was it, what it meant to truly be a Hamdun wife. Persia decided as she was bundled into a carriage out of sight to be hurried away before anyone saw the state of her.

It hurt to breath and though the doctor said she would live, it didn’t felt that way. She had never experienced a beating like that… her father had never lifted his hand to her and the few slap’s her husband had given her in the past where minor in comparison. 

She had not seen Abel, since he had left her unconscious on the floor and for the first time she understood why Lady Baeumont had ran from her husband. Perhaps it was Graymont perhaps it was cursed like people professed, Valdermar had certainly turned into a better man since he’d left. 

However what had truly chilled her was how efficiently his brother had cleaned up the mess, how calm and collect Gabriel had seemed, without horror or shock. He’d called for a doctor and stood by cooley watching as the man had tended her, how without flinching he’d ordered a driver to bring a coach to the rear exit of the castle, to take her away.

How through it all he’d not so much as said a word to her, he’d offered no apology or excuse for Abel’s action as though in his belief his brother had done nothing wrong. 

Over the past few months she had dared to start to hope that perhaps she’d got the best of the Hamdun men, but now she understood Abel was no different from any of them.

One response to “Persia Reflects

  1. I think Abel might — might — be different from the other Hamdun guys. However, he’s going to have to prove that. Apologizing to Persia would be great for a start. Not beating the hell out of her ever, ever again would be a good second step.

    If he keeps at this, however, I vote that Persia pull a Marisa, grab Sebastian and run like hell for Darkfire. The last thing anybody needs is a second generation of Hamdun men growing up as twisted and cruel as the first. (Er … or would that be third generation?)

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