Marcus Confess’s

“I don’t understand” Anya complained, she couldn’t fathom while Marcus was suddenly so irate she’d been so sure he’d be pleased. “We’ll be free…. Don’t you understand?”

“No Anya you’re the one who doesn’t understand” he growled while stuffing his things hurriedly into a bag. “The Inquisition, do not stop… They will kill him if we don’t warn him”

“Isn’t that what we want?”

“No Anya it’s never what I wanted…. He’s different….i can’t explain. He isn’t evil, he doesn’t allow the blood to control him… he seeks the forgiveness of God above all things.

“He IS evil” she murmured, trying to convince herself as much as her. “He tricked us, wiped our memory’s” 

Marcus paused, as though wrestling with some great secret.

“What?” she demanded.

“He made mistakes” Marcus agreed, “I lied, he didn’t wipe my memories, he didn’t even wipe yours. He only ever wanted the best for you… Give you a life after what Lord Hamdun did to you. He never expected to fall in love with you….but he did and then…. Then things got complicated ”

“Tell me. What IS the truth?” she hissed.

“He wanted to give you a normal life….”

“Normal…” she hissed “Does any of this occure to you as  normal?” 

“Perhaps not” he agreed, “Vincent just wanted to see you happy, he wanted to undo some of the damage done to you. He thought if he could give you children, show you to be a worthy noblewoman in a few years he could have the marriage, divorced somehow. Then another Nobleman… a normal one… A human nobleman would want you”

“What are you saying?” she mumbled, instinctively putting her hand to her stomach. She’d spoken to the priest about it, he’d put her mind at rest while he could not tell her where the baby had come from he had assured her there was no chance it was a demon. He’d suggested that perhaps the vampire had gotten someone else to put the baby in her belly. “Tell me!” she suddenly screamed hysterically unable to contain herself.

“Anya … he… I … I pretended to be him” Marcus admitted, “During the day when he couldn’t be with you”

“You?” she hissed, realising what it mean’t “You….. you lied… you tricked me… You defiled me!!”

“I’m sorry” he mumbled, “I fell in love with you…. We both did”

“How is this possible?” she demanded, not understanding how she could have been tricked in such away.

“The blood, It lets me… copy his appearance. Anya I’m sorry” he begged moving towards her.

Backing off she almost tripped over the edge of the bad. “Get away from me”

“I’m sorry” he begged again. “I never meant  to lie to you, I just didn’t know what else to do”

“Do! Do!” she hissed, “Tell me the truth…. That’s what you should have done”

“Vincent tried that” he replied meakly, “It didn’t work for him and I couldn’t bare to lose you….I’m sorry…. Everything’s such a mess… but we don’t have time to discuss it. We need to leave… I’ll tell you everything back at the house I promise”

“I’m not going anywhere with you!” she spat. “Certainly not there”

“Anya this isn’t just about him… or me. We need to warn all of them”

“Let them die!”

“Anya please…My father… Arabella?!”

“I don’t care… I don’t care about any of them. They are all evil, demon’s they should die”

“Eva then?”  

“Eva isn’t even a vampire. What does it have to do with her?”  

“No she isn’t” Marcus reasoned, “She isn’t even ghouled, she a sweet human girl with her whole life ahead of her… and there are others in that house… children. Anya don’t you understand?”

“They are going after the vampires” Anya retorted.

“The Inquisition do not care… They are good at what they do, because they are ruthless do you understand?”

She shook her head, barely able to take everything in. Hurt, confused angry.

“They will kill EVERYONE to get to him….” he begged. “Please Anya we have to warn them”

“Why should I care…Why should I care about any of you… You all lied to me…. you where all in on it. Let … him.. you defile me!”

“Because you’re a good person” Marcus reasoned “Even though your angry and betrayed even you can’t let children die?”

Suddenly she felt very afraid,  “Alright” She whimpered he was right, she still didn’t care that the Baron might die, she didn’t even care that Marcus or Allard might, but there where others….Children too young to have a hand in the deception”  

Suddenly his eyes widened as though something had just occurred to him. “Anya please tell me you didn’t tell them about your niece?”

“I might have” she whimpered, “I can’t remember… I just told him everything… I rambled. I was upset he asked questions and I answered them”

“Oh Anya!” he exclaimed, “Hurry, we have to tell Christopher… warn your father”

“You don’t think they’d go to my father’s house?”

“They will if they think a werewolf is there, they will. Don’t worry we’ll warn them… Vincent can warn them as soon as we get there. Are you ready?”

She found herself confused and conflicted, she didn’t want innocent people to die but at the same time she wanted the vampire gone from her life.

Nodding reluctantly she followed him towards the door, it was still early morning it would take several hours to travel to the Baron’s estate. Uneasily she watched as headed to the door and peered out into the street as though he expected to find someone out there. “Come!”  he insisted indicating for her to hurry.

“Wait!” she demanded suddenly, unable to wait for the answer she already thought she knew  “Answer something first?”


“Are you the father of my child?” she asked as calmly as she was able, the fear of the answer extreme.


“I’m pregnant” … Are you the father or is there someone else? More men.… taking turn’s?”

His face fell, the colour draining “Your pregnant?” he mumbled the answer evident.  

“Yes… please answer!” she begged needing to hear the words.

“Yes” he agreed, “There was only me, so it must be… please Anya come… I know you hate me and I’m sorry but we need to warn them”


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