Anya gives Marcus some new’s

Drying his hands off, Marcus headed back into the bedroom. He’d hidden the blood in the one place her was sure the noblewoman wouldn’t venture, behind the chamber pot in the closest stool. “So what did you have to tell me?” he asked. 

“Oh you won’t believe what happened last night?” Anya smiled, “Our prayer’s have been answered” 

“They have?” he asked, suddenly getting a strange sinking feeling. 

“I went to the church” she explained. 

“I thought I told you not the leave the room at night” he interrupted sternly. 

“Oh Marcus” she sighed, “I had to… I knew you wouldn’t approve, but I needed to speak with a holy man, I had to know for sure if I was damned” 

“And are you?” he asked, even if she said yes he wouldn’t believe it, but he was interested to know what the priest might have said. 

“No” she replied, “the priest said not, I was tricked the only sin I committed  I was lying with a man out of wedlock and he thought that could be easily forgiven” 

Marcus paused, did this mean she knew they had lain together… or no… “So I take it the priest concider’s your marriage, un-blessed?” 

“He said my marriage did not exist at all, because god did not bless it, nor can a woman be married to a dead man” 

Nodding he struggled to hide his disgust, knowing full well the priest who had blessed the Baron’s wedding was both ordained and fully aware of the baron’s condition. 

“He said that if the ground was truly blessed a creature such as the baron would not be able to step foot on it” 

He nodded again, knowing the fact’s where not strictly true.  Powerful holy men those with gods true backing could potentially bless the ground, weapon’s or even water for use against vampires but men of such true faith where few and far between, most priests did not hold such conviction or faith in their lord. 

In reality if marriage could only be blessed by such men,  then ninety nine percent of marriages where unblessed and therefore not binding. Still she belived it and therefore he saw no reason to shatter her illusions she seemed calmer happier than he’d seen her in a number of days as thought a great weight had been lifted. 

Walking away he headed towards the chair by the fire and his book hoping to settle his thoughts. 

“Marcus!” Anya exclaimed, “that’s not even half of my news” 

Sitting down he turned to her, “I’m listening” 

“I thought the priest would think me mad, that he would be shocked and horrified, but he wasn’t… he knew, he knew already” 

“He knew about the Baron?” Marcus asked cautiously. 

“No… not about him, but about vampires” The sinking feeling grew, it was like he knew what she was going to stay next but he stayed quiet to hear her say it anyway. “This village… its over-run by them. He called to Rome for help and help has come… there are men, holy men… who hunt them… they have come to this village to kill them” 

Marcus, suddenly put the book down on his lap if only to stop the trembling in his hands from being so obvious. Vincent and Siren had long feared that the capadocian witches activity’s would draw hunters, he’d hoped her blatant flaunting of their ways would cause them to kill her and leave. 

But holy hunters, holy hunters from Rome could only mean one thing. The inquisition, Holy hunters of great skill, hunters backed by god himself capable and able to kill and one of the few things Vincent truly feared.

The Inquisition did not simply kill the obvious creatures and leave, the Inquisition killed EVERYTHING and did not leave till they were certain every last supernatural in the area was dead. Vampires, werewolves mages… none of them would be safe. The inquisition had certainly driven more powerful creatures than Vincent from their homes. 

“You… you didn’t tell them about the baron did you?” he asked his voice trembling, “I mean… you told them you where married to one but you didn’t tell them who?” 

“Yes of course I did, I even told them which estate” 


“Because… we need to be free of him Marcus, he needs to be killed” 

“Oh Anya what had you done?” he stammered. 

“You don’t understand” she insisted, “They had been looking for him anyway, the village is over-run they have been looking for the creator… the ‘master’ or whatever… I just told them where to find him. We’ll be free Marcus don’t you understand?” 

“No Anya I don’t understand” he reasoned, “Anya we need to go. Get your coat” 

“Go … go where?” she asked seeming to pick up on his panic. 

“To warn Vincent, then …. Then as far away from here as possible”


One response to “Anya gives Marcus some new’s

  1. Anya!!! Oh, crap!

    But of course she would do that. She’s a good little Christian girl. In her day and age, what Christian girl wouldn’t go to the priest and tell him all she knew?

    The problem is she doesn’t know a damn thing, or at any rate enough to understand just what she’s done.

    *gulps* Looks like things are going to get a hell of a lot more interesting for Grimstead …

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